Are you looking for remote job openings for American companies as a foreigner? Many startups and popular companies are often searching for employees to complete their online tasks. 56% of companies are now allowing remote workers and 16% are operating fully remote.1 To view new job openings and employment opportunities in the USA try an online search.

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Remote Work Is The Trendiest Form Of Employment

Since the world went into brief lockdown in recent years the evolution of employment has changed considerably. Remote work has become one of the most popular choices for employment and desired by many people globally. The flexibility and opportunity for working at different companies is the highest its ever been in 2022. Countries around the world like India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Pakistan, Romania and the Middle East are rejoicing with new working opportunities to tap into the American economy.

140% Increase Since 2005

An amazing statistic supplied by “Global Workplace Analytics” shows that since 2005 there has been a 140% increase in remote workers.2 Thats a big increase and it shows that many companies are now moving to this method of employment. Realising that most workers don’t have to be in the office to complete their working roles and they can work from home instead. In fact many times this has actually turned into the employee completing tasks at a much better rate then the normal office hours. Its expected by 2028 that 73% of all departments of a business will have remote workers as part of their working force.

What Sort Of Jobs Are Available?

Data Entry – One of the most simple tasks accessible to people online is data entry. Data entry is simply receiving emails or files of data and logging it in a formatted manner. It might be to create excel sheets and put in the relevant data so the company is aware of all operations. This role is available at nearly all business and doesn’t require any experience first hand. You will basically receive messages from the company or manager responsible for you then to complete it in your own time.

Customer Support – As the world continues to move the economy to online sales the role for customer support has grown significantly. Replying to customer messages or being ready to speak on chat support to help any questions or queries is a popular role. To do this task you will however need to have a basic understanding of English and be able to type it out. If you have the experience of speaking English well than you may be interested in telephone customer support roles.

Graphic Designers – If you’re someone who enjoys art or drawing then graphic designers are often needed too. This line of work involves using programs like Canva or Photoshop to create advertisements or email letter designs for the company to send out. You may be first given very basic designs to complete but can evolve as you get more confident with the company. There are bootcamps available online which help to speed up the learning process of graphic design online. To get this role you will need to understand how to use basic design programs like Canva before you will be accepted.

Copywriter or Translator – Having the skill of writing english or your own native language may come in handy for this role. There are many companies that are trying to expand their customer base into foreign countries. This means they need local speakers to help translate and offer service in the specific country they’re expanding into. Translators may receive a large text file in which they can translate into their local language and include all the local slang. This helps to make the customer feel as though the company truly is coming from that country and a great opportunity for foreigners remote jobs.

Bookkeepers – Remote bookkeepers of office assistants can help to carry out tasks and manage office matters. These can include administration, accounts receiving, accounts payable, schedule, transactions and recording of emails and messages. Ideally this role is worked on the American timezone as it can basically be an online virtual office assistant role. Bookkeepers will often require a little bit of background knowledge on the topic but there are free online courses to refresh your mind.

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To land your perfect job as a foreigner right now and get a lucrative salary from American companies now is your best opportunity. Companies are rapidly hiring to help fill spots for many different roles. To view new job openings and employment opportunities in the USA try an online search.

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