Nowadays seniors can find amazing cell phone deals with benefits the everyday consumer can’t get. A great cell phone plan can keep seniors connected to their loved ones with the likes of Facebook and instant messaging – at an incredibly low price.

It also offers easy methods of paying bills online and receiving important updates. An online search can reveal the best priced plans for your budget.

The Best Savings For Seniors On 2021 Cell Phone Plans

With many seniors being on fixed income or pensions, it is often simple to qualify for low income cell phone plans1. Other cell phone providers offer discounts simply for being over 60.

Now most phone manufacturers do not have seniors in their minds when creating new technology. However there are specific models and cell phone plans that can cater more towards the mature user. Making it a simple to use phone to keep in contact with loved ones or to complete basic daily needs like checking in to a store or paying bills online.

2021 Senior Cell Phone Plans

T-Mobile 55+ Plan

One of the original and still best cell phone packages for seniors is T-Mobiles 55+ plan2. This plan comes in three different options and the best one can be discussed between you and a T-Mobile representative.

You receive unlimited calls, texting and online data on all three plans but the difference is added bonuses. If you like to travel then international texting might be your preferred option, perhaps free Netflix for the entertainment lovers. These plans come in at roughly $30 per month and come with the most modern phones such as iPhone or Samsung.

One of the major benefits of the T-mobile 55+ plan is no lock in contract, meaning if you don’t like the service you can cancel at any time – without fees!


If you’re a senior citizen then you’ve definitely heard of Lively. It’s one of the most recognisable phone plan providers for babyboomers and beyond. Whether you just want to make calls to friends, text loved ones or prefer advanced phone use methods then the Lively Smart Plan may be for you.

Offered on a no-signature, no-contract basis Lively offers plans between $15 per month and $50 per month for more high end devices. If you’re looking for unlimited texts and calling and the new apple iPhone models then it will be more in the $50 per month range.3

With great cross the nation phone coverage you can be sure your phone will not drop out of servicing range. Another note is this provider has a $25 upfront fee for activation unless you catch a Lively special.

AT&T 65+ Seniors Plan

For those who are in the 65+ range one of Americas biggest telecom services offers an amazing deal. Being one of the industry leaders their coverage is almost unbeatable and service being top notch.

The AT&T 65+ seniors plan gives users 200 minutes of talking time, unlimited calling to other AT&T customers and 500 minutes of calling time allocated for nighttime and weekend use. Now unfortunately this plan does not offer internet data or text messaging but it can be a simple add on still making it a low budget plan for most seniors.

In fact those if you’re looking for data and more service perhaps the Unlimited & More plan will be the perfect match. If you’re an AARP member you get additional benefits!4

The AT&T senior plan comes in at $29.99 per month where as the added data plans will bring the monthly fees to around $40 per month. If you have a phone already then AT&T can help you save money but if you require a new phone then AT&T can become more pricier.


If you’re not using your phone all that often then FreedomPop may be for you. We know some seniors are simply looking for the cheapest plan available for their budget and not after all the extra gimmicks. If you’re considered low income you can actually receive up to 200 minutes of calling time for free!5 Yes we really mean free, in fact you can call your FreedomPop representative and discuss about how to connect this great deal if you have a working phone already.

The FreedomPop Basic200 plan begins at a incredible bargain of $15 per month. This cell phone plan offers 200 minutes of calling time and up to 500 text messages a month. The only downside to FreedomPop is that you must use a compatible cell phone with their service and unfortunately the iPhone is not one of them.

To make the transition easy for customers FreedomPop has a wide range of phones that are incredibly simple to use. If this service is not for you then you can take your existing phone to another carrier.


One of Americas most popular budget services Sprint has now merged with T-mobile. The Sprint Magenta unlimited 55+ plan6 is now offered as one of the T-mobile 55+ plans.

Shopping Around For The Best Senior Cell Phone Plans

Choosing the right plan for you is important and taking your own personal requirements into consideration is strongly recommended. For the not so tech savvy we highly suggest looking at entry level phones and equipment that focus on the best calling abilities with simple to use operating systems. You may need your child or grandchild to give you a little tip along the way but we can mostly bet you’ll be able to manage it on your own.

If you’re looking to get the best cell phone plan in your area then an online search can bring about exclusive deals available to you. Find the best discounts online.


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