If you’ve been thinking about making the switch to an electric car, you’re in luck. In fact current market conditions have made new electric cars more affordable than ever. Despite the overwhelming cheerleading for electric cars, sales have been damaged by the ongoing pandemic and economic uncertainty. Dealerships around the nation are now rushing to offload 2020 and 2021 models to make way for the new fleets.

Buying a new car is a big investment for anyone, but with the deals available today its hard to imagine better discounts. If you know where to look, once in a lifetime deals on brand new electric technology are available right now.

unsold electric cars

Why Are Prices So Heavily Discounted?

Like all industries in the world, automotive is controlled by supply and demand. The main factor that regulates pricing is the popularity of the cars and how many have been produced. Governments have been advocating the push for electric cars so manufacturers have been busy in production. After the pandemic hit and still lingers, consumers have been more weary of spending catching dealerships off guard. In fact electrical cars now top the list of some of the most unsold vehicles since 2019!1

Making Way For New Fleets

Automotive dealerships have to balance a fine line between fulfilling manufacturer demands and consumers needs. Electric cars is an emerging new industry and forecasters are still having trouble with predicting purchasing rates. Considering the added stress of the pandemics effect there is a large amount of top quality electric vehicles gone unsold.

These companies are rapidly evolving their technology so new fleets have already been manufactured and are currently on their way to dealerships. To make way for these new fleets dealerships have no other choice but to drastically reduce the price of current models.

The Best Electric Cars Of 2021

2021 Mini Electric Hardtop

The all electric Mini is a fun and agile machine with fantastic aesthetics. With impressive cargo space and technology inputs that are very intuitive this is a modern car enthusiasts dream. For those without a big daily commute the battery on this vehicle is about mid range compared to all electric vehicles. With a 6.5 inch display, Apple Carplay, satellite navigation, leather interior, heated seats in the front its a lot of bonus in such a small looking car.

2021 BMW i3

A compact electric car the BMW i3 is a cross between a hatchback and a small crossover. Although it doesn’t offer all wheel drive it still handles extremely well on the road and was tested rigorously at BMW performance tracks. With eager acceleration and tight road gripping handling this impressive little unit is an environment wonder piece. Coming with a 6.5 inch display, adaptive headlights, front and rear parking sensors and Apple Carplay its another great electric option.

2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Considered one of the most affordable electric vehicles on todays market the ongoing price reductions make this even more attractive. Coming with two rows of very spacious seats its a great choice for families. It has lively acceleration and sporty handling which makes it a great choice for highway and suburbia roads. This model comes with a massive 10.2 inch touch screen display, smartphone connectivity, great speakers, fast charging abilities and amazing cargo space.

2021 Tesla Model 3

May we take a bow for the king of electric cars, the Tesla model 3 is an engineering marvel. A midsize sedan this car is equipped with a powerful electric engine which boasts aggressive acceleration under superb handling. The biggest bonus to this electric car is it still has one of the longest distances available for its battery. Although it doesn’t connect with Apple or Android systems Tesla has an inbuilt navigation and user system unlike other manufacturers. With impressive safety features, leather interior and automated driving systems you can see why its a popular choice for car enthusiasts.

How To Score These Electric Cars For Cheap

So now understanding the current predicament dealerships are facing its time to take advantage of these deals. Dealerships are reluctant to advertise the heavy discounted deals and prefer to shock customers when they’re intrigued about a new car. This is to protect future pricing and ensure the dealership can continue to sell expensive cars without people waiting for discounted loopholes. The difference between 2020 and 2021 models compared to the new 2022 models is not all that different. Most of the update is actually in the cars appearance and interior design and less in the engine capabilities.

Find Heavily Discounted Electric Cars At Local Dealerships

With dealerships able to conduct their own pricing on cars that have been sitting in the lot prices around the nation are very different. From city to city its hard to gauge just how much a customer can save on average. To find the best deals on brand new top electric car models near you an online search can find the best up to date pricing.

Find Unsold 2021 Electric Cars


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