Colleges across the US and Canada are now open to international students for 2023 and beyond. Spots are limited so the best time to search and apply is now.

In fact 2019 just before the pandemic international students in the USA hit an all time high with more than 1,000,000 taking the exciting plunge for world class studies.1 With travel opening up around the globe universities in top tier nations are now accepting students at hugely discounted fees to stimulate the education economy.

When studying abroad we should be worrying about how to squeeze the most out of this amazing opportunity, and not how to pay for it. No matter your budget it is possible to get world class education once you’re armed with the right know how. Consider these tips and get ready to adventure to a place you’ve never been before!

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How To Study Abroad As An International Student?

Different countries around the world take varying stances on education, some even disregarding fees entirely. Take Germany by example, a state which decided to abolish all university fees in an effort to highly educate its people. Now unfortunately they don’t offer completely free education for all international students but the tuition fees are very cheap compared to other European countries. Other choices for award winning programs with cheap fees include China, Hungary, Belgium, Canada, United States and Italy.

Scholarships And Financial Aid Options

If you know where to look and how to properly research there are an abundance of scholarships available to international students. Some are specific to a field of education or a location of campus in the country but the options are vast. The only way to know if you will receive any grants or scholarships is too apply as you have to be in it to win it. Once you’re set on a field of study you’d like to pursue its recommended to first contact universities in your own city to see if they offer any exchange or financial aid for your education topic.

Choosing The Right Degree

Popular study abroad countries like the USA, Canada, UK and Germany have a large amount of financial assisted (scholarships) for international students. Knowing which sort of degree you wish to pursue will help to narrow down options because not all are created equal. MS vs MBA vs PhD etc. You’re more likely to receive financial assistance for Master of Science degree then an PhD degree.

Work As An Au Pair

Some beneficial ways to receive funding for an overseas studying adventure is to take up a job as an Au Pair. Nanny jobs or looking after children is a super clever way to make the most of your study abroad potential. Not only will your housing costs be covered but many Au Pair jobs will also cover transport, food and phone costs. Not only this but you will be paid whilst looking after the children and whilst they watch television at night you can fit in your homework studies.

Brazil Paves The Way For Cheap Study Abroad

Brazil is a fascinating destination for those who have not adventured to Latin America. Known for its exciting culture infused with warm temperatures, colorful displays, delicious food, beautiful beaches and incredible biodiversity. A Masters Degree in Brazil gives you the opportunity to experience all this when studying in some of the most recognised universes in the American continent. For some students who are willing to take up Portuguese language studies further discounts can be offered. In fact if you speak Portuguese already you may be able to study in Brazil for free!

Hows Your French?

Just like Brazil and Germany universities if you’re a master of the local language you may just be able to study for very small enrolment fees. For example, Paris’ La Sorbonne, has no tuition fees and a $200 registration fee only but the catch is you have to take the course in French.

Use Student Discounts

When students study abroad they’re generally required to purchase an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). This card is often included inside tuition fee costs so double check before you sign up on your own. This ISIC card is perfect for saving on transportation, museums, hostels, books and meals. Accepted in over 130 countries in the world using this card can really save many living expenses endured as a student living and studying abroad.

Pay Close Attention To Course Details

The more attention to detail you pay to each course offering the more you can find value for your money. Some third party study abroad programs have a lot more in their courses than others and can be beneficial to read the fine prints. Some cheaper options out there may only cover tuition fees of studying where as more expensive options may be cheaper in the long run. These expensive options may cover aspects like housing, meals, health insurance, and field trips which will add up if you have to add them separately by yourself later.

Proper Preparation Is Key

Before embarking on your journey there are a few things you should consider to save big on your education experience. Calling your bank to let them know you will be travelling abroad can help them understand which bank cards you will need for the specific country. Saving fees on currency conversions in your time overseas can literally save thousands of dollars. Be mindful about how much luggage you bring too as travel expenses and insurances rise with more items brought along.

High School Students Can Excel In Abroad Studies

A lot of people in the world always dream of “one day” getting overseas and adventuring. But did you know one of the easiest and most affordable times is when you’re in high school? It can be hard to imagine leaving friends behind but so many students who have done this before say it was a life changing adventure for them. Gaining perspective of other world cultures at an early age is a fantastic way to improve your life. Also studying at international high schools can aid in getting amazing college course scholarships in the future.

USAC Offers Gateway To The World

USAC awards scholarships and discounts twice a year to assist students with their study abroad expenses.2 With over 50 affordable programs offered in 28 countries USAC is a very popular choice for landing an overseas study gig for cheap. They have $2million in scholarship funds each year to help with students study and cover abroad expenses.

Study a Master’s in Europe Scholarship

There is a scholarship that is available on that can offer post graduate scholarships of up to €5000 to help cover tuition fees. The application ends on 16th may 2023 so its recommended to sign up quickly.

Find Your Dream Course Now

If you’re keen on starting the education adventure of your lifetime there has never been a better time to apply for scholarships. Universities and colleges around the globe are opening their doors to international students to boost travel economies. Find out the best courses available to you with a simple online search.