The salary of plumbers in the US is higher then ever at $80,204 per year.1 It’s easier than ever to get started in a trade and work overseas. Spots are limited so best to apply and get started here immediately.

Plumbing is a Key Component to the Economy

With a whopping annual revenue of $124billion in 2021 the plumbing industry is booming with opportunity.2 But the recent shortage of plumbers is causing many issues for construction projects and emergency fixes in America. A decline in skilled plumbers over the years has reached a crisis point and America has begun to hire overseas workers to fill the gap. In fact the 2021 Construction Market Report indicates there is a 55% shortage for plumbers!3

Which States Need Plumbers The Most?

The biggest demand for plumbers is coming from the Texas and Georgia states with demand sky high. Consumers and builders are forced to pay extra in order to get their plumber work fixed and the opportunity for consistent work and great income is high in these states. The states with appropriate skilled plumbers include New York and Massachusetts.

Commercial or Residential?

Plumbers are called in to fix a variety of plumbing issues. Residential plumber jobs involve fixing leaks or installing new faucets and toilets in homes. Commercial plumbing jobs often deal with water treatment systems, stop valves, water heaters and other equipment. These jobs typically pay more compared to residential ones. The majority of plumbing jobs available right now are in the commercial industry with many government benefits added on top of normal work salaries. This includes night shift, days off work, medical insurance and guaranteed working hours.

Skills Required For Plumbing Jobs in America

  • Punctual On Time – The ability to show up at the exact moment your job is needed is an essential skill for a plumber. You will probably be called in on short notice from unexpected issues so you’ll need to be able to manage your time well and come prepared to work.
  • Communication – Being able to announce yourself politely and quickly during an emergency call is a key skill for a plumber. A combination of good listening and speaking skills will prove invaluable during emergency situations.
  • Handling Tools – Basic plumbing tools are relatively easy to use but you will need to be familiar with handling them well in order to work on your own or with a team.
  • Basic Math – Being able to calculate measurements and meter quantities is an essential skill for plumbers. They need to know how much piping they have, how many flushes their toilets can handle and how many sinks can fit in a room.

What Does a Plumbing Job Pay?

You don’t have to start at $20 an hour to become a plumber. Entry level plumbers start out at around $35-40 per hour, with the chance to earn up to $80,204 a year. Much of your salary will depend on which state you’re working in and how much experience you’ve got. The job does also provide job training as well as gaining certification for insurance purposes.

Get On The Path To Your Own Business

If you’re a plumber or interested in becoming a plumber and want to start your own business eventually this is a great platform. You can begin working and learn the trade and building codes of America and eventually go out and earn your own jobs and income. Plumbers who are self employed dramatically boost their income.

Men Dominate Plumbing Industry

With approximately 5% of plumbers being woman men really make up the majority of this trade. According to statistics plumbers are the 6th most gender segregated job. Steps are being taken to encourage more women into this trade by including them on the jobsite and using them as apprentices.

American Construction Industry Prides On Safety

As part of their plan, the American construction industry is actively pursuing other alternatives to hire skilled workers who can do the job and pass a background check. This includes H-2B visa holders, migrant workers, ex-felons and refugees who work in the United States under certain conditions of employment.

How To Get A Visa?

If you’re granted work through a plumbing company the USA can offer you a working visa. But first you must receive a working notice of employment and then you can apply for a working visa through the US government websites.

Apply for a Plumbing Job Today

Plumbing is an essential part of society and vital skills are needed to ensure citizens can cook and bathe in their homes. Apply now for immediate placement in a plumbing apprenticeship program or to find available jobs in the USA right now.