The nation has found itself in a logistical knot – “a total supply chain nightmare” many industry leaders are calling it. With a shortage of delivery drivers across the nation companies are on a hiring spree. The need for drivers has skyrocketed and now you can get started immediately.

The trucking industry is short a whopping 80,000 drivers, a record high as noted by the President and CEO of the American Trucking Associations.1 Truck and delivery drivers are the basic unit of transportation in this growing economy and essentially the glue that holds supply chains together. Its now expected that by 2030 if rapid adjustments are not made a shortage of 160,000 drivers will be required. If you have any experience in driving trucks or vans, big or small there is a wealth of opportunity to take advantage of.

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So How Did The Logistics Shortage Even Happen?

As a lot of the American work force is ageing and now entering into retirement, the lack of skilled young drivers is alarmingly evident. Over the years trucking roles such as delivery drivers have fallen down the rankings of popular jobs. Some people believe driving bigger trucks is difficult and a risky occupation filled with lots of stressful deadlines but this simply is not the case.

Companies like Amazon, FedEx, Shiply and other Government initiatives are on a rapid hiring spree. In fact some agencies are now even looking to hire international drivers to help fill demand of these high paying jobs. “We’re living through the worst driver shortage that we’ve seen in recent history, by far,” said Jose Gomez-Urquiza from Visa Solutions.2

The Abundant Perks Of Delivery Driver Jobs

There is many great aspects often overlooked in this form of employment. Driving careers are easy going careers with straight forward progressions and promotions with consistent decent pay. With new companies innovating the way deliveries and consumers shop online the concept of convenience is becoming the norm. Not having to worry about the puke someone left in your backseat as an Uber driver, courier jobs are the overlooked jackpot.

Delivery Packages, Not Nasty Clients

Many people have tried to use ride-share programs as a way to boost income. But during this experience many people have pet peeves of running into bad clients. However when you’re working as a delivery driver you’re just taking care of packages – they don’t have a personality! The only thing you’re required to do is pick up package from point A and deliver it to point B with very little human interaction.

Its Totally Flexible Hours

Courier and delivery drivers actually have one of the best perks compared to most industries – the ability to create their own work schedules. This means starting work and finishing work any time you want with certain employers. If you’re a night owl or prefer to do emergency deliveries which may require being on call you could receive some very lucrative paychecks.

Earn Good Money

The logistics industry is full of high rate jobs as its a vital cog in the nations economy. Different employers offer various methods from getting paid, from hourly rates to pay per mile. If you fancy yourself a good driver with strong knowledge of your local city you may be able to stack up a days pay much faster than others.

Job Security

A perk in a pandemic ridden economy is job security, something we’ve all seen or faced in recent years. The transport industry needs drivers now and the problem is only worsening. If consistent work and paychecks is something you’re looking for in your life this is an opportunity to stabilise your finances.

Do I Need Any Special License?

The beauty of delivery driver jobs is that they do not require a commercial driver’s license (CDL). You will in some states require to be 18 and in others 21 and your local DMV issued drivers license is enough.

Are The Vehicles Provided?

Many of the leading courier companies in the US have large fleets of vehicles ready for you to use. Some job placement apps like Shiply allow people who have their own commercial vehicles to accept jobs and earn increased payments. But there is of course pros and cons to each situation. Some people like to have the car, insurances and maintenance looked after and simply given jobs daily to complete. Where as more independent based drivers who manage their own vehicles prefer to work as subcontractors.

These Delivery Driver Jobs Are Hiring

If you enjoy driving and have good work ethic then a delivery driving job might suit your lifestyle. The nation is undergoing a logistical shortage unseen before and the demand for drivers is at all time high. Job security is something that can not be overlooked in the modern economy and transport is the backbone of the markets. Pay increases and accelerated hiring is helping to land the best courier jobs available today with companies like Amazon, Shipt, Instacart, FedEx and UPS. You can find great paying jobs today with a simple online search.

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