It really is no secret that everyone wants to keep their home and family secure and safe. But did you know in the USA there was over 1.7million home burglaries in the recent year?1 With new reports suggesting home burglaries are on the rise its never been more important to protect your home with a security system.2 To view the latest technology at wholesale prices try a simple online search.

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Its Alarming That 75% Of American Households Don’t Have A Security System

As the economy heads into uncertainty desperation has taken over many people in the country leading to an increase in theft. Home security systems offer a priceless protection that is becoming a necessity in the modern society. Simply by having a camera setup on your door and garage can be enough to deter intruders from entering your home. Its becoming more of an issue of not if your home will be burgled, but simply when. The average home theft is worth over $2416 which many casualties of this event do not get back.

65% Of Home Burglaries Happen In Broad Daylight

Can you believe that the reports from the governments crime department have indicated that 65% of home burglaries actually happen in broad daylight?3 This suggests that criminals are no longer deterred by being seen in the light of day. Many criminals now disguise themselves as package delivery workers or even electrical meter technicians to get around neighbors concern. Simply by having a camera system in visible places can deter anyone from having the confidence of entering your home. Many of the new systems transmit the footage directly to your smart phone so you can keep an eye on your property even when at work.

Summer Increases The Rate Of Burglaries

Statistically home burglaries begin to rise in the warmer months as access can be easier or homes are left unattended more often. Burglars mostly don’t carry the intention of hurting people in the home this is why Summer time is an opportunity to strike. Many families go on vacation and their unattended home is a sitting duck for professional burglars. In a blink of an eye your personal belongings and irreplaceable ornaments of value can be stolen and never to be seen again.

Home Security Systems Are More Affordable Than Ever

10 years ago it was expensive to install a home security system on your home and only wealthy people were able to afford this. Now with technology having advanced tremendously in recent years the cost of a system is much cheaper. You can get a whole entire camera system installed professionally for prices that are very reasonable. Considering 75% of homes will be burgled in the next 20 years the cost of a setup being a few hundred dollars or less is a necessary investment.

Over One Third Of Burglars Enter Through The Front Door

The majority of all burglaries legit walk through the front door and simply by placing a camera on your doorstep is enough to deter this point of entry. Locking your door is no longer a viable option for stopping professional thieves who have lock picking abilities you will never believe. Home security systems with built in alarms you can access on your own smart phone can quickly deter intruders away.

Suburban Areas More At Risk Than Metropolitan

Interestingly enough that homes in suburbia are targeted more often than the metro neighbours. This is due to the apartment buildings being harder to intrude on most likely because of security systems in place. Homes in suburban areas can be targeted by thieves who disguise themselves with societal roles. Neighbours are not nosey enough to distinguish between a real delivery driver and a professional thief. Now its pretty close in terms of the rate of burglaries in metropolitan vs suburban areas but suburbia is still the most dangerous for home theft.

Professionals Can Install For Your Peace Of Mind

Now many of the current home security systems are so simple they can be installed manually. But if you’re someone who is elderly or struggles to setup technology there are multiple companies that do mass installations for cheap. The price of a technician to come out and do the job may only take a few hours and set you back $100 to $200 or so. Tidy jobs of professionals will help to keep your home looking great but with the addition of a camera will help to deter any thieves.

Get Your Home Security System Now

As you can see from recent reports it is no longer safe to have a home that is not secure and monitored. The technology is cheaper than ever before and the majority of citizens can afford to protect their home and family. To view the latest deals on all home security systems try an online search.

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