In protecting your greatest asset little plays such an important role as the roof. Shielding the inside from all the elements. From rain and harsh sun your roof goes through a lot of strain and over the years can wear down. People do not realise that one of the easiest methods to add value to your home is by restoring and refurbishing your roof.

Restoring Your Roof Can Add Value To Your Home

Tiles or Metal Roofing?

The materials used to restore a roof are very different from the materials that cover the outside of your house. [In other words, you cannot just put tiles on your roof!] Your choice for a new roof is going to be made to suit your budget and look forward to what it will change with your home.

Metal is one of the most common materials used in covering roofs, but only covers the outside of your home or out everything else is made of clay or cement (which is cheaper and provides better stability). This is a good option if you have a more modern home or go for a more traditional look.

Tile is the more timeless option and comes with different shades of colour to match your house. The one drawback is that they are heavier and more of a hassle to clean, which does not allow for easy maintenance jobs. The cost of tile roofing is higher because of this but well worth it in the long run.

Painting Your Roof

With many shades of colours available to choose from, painting your roof is an easy way to make your home look more interesting. Many people opt for white roofs to give their house a fresh new look which is perfect for people that live in older homes with dull or old roof tiles. The washing of this option makes them look more modern and gorgeous.

There are many other colours to choose from. Some are bolder than others depending on what you are looking for in your home. Blue, orange, pink and purple are typically unexpected colours but can give your house a whole new look. It is important to consider the area in which you live in when choosing a colour because some blend in better with the surroundings than others do. Painting is great when restoring your roof to add value to your home.


Flashing is part of the roof that is normally covered by metal or tiles or any other material that covers the outside of your home. If you are looking to cover flashing with tile or any other material, then you are going to have to consider the way in which flashing is attached. There are two different types of flashing, depending on the method used.

Most types of modern roof tiles have a flashing attachment that has a hole in the middle of it to be easily joined together with metal or plastic clips. However, in some cases these could be broken or damaged by the weather and even people walking on them. This is when your need to consider other methods.

For houses with an older or different type of tile, you should consider using crimp flashing. This is a much more durable way of attaching flashing that can be bent in either direction for an even look. It also works well in any stormy weather because it does not come off easily during windy conditions. The only drawback is that this method is somewhat more expensive than the other one, but it will last much longer too.

Fixing The Gutters

Looking to add value to your home? Well, the roof is the perfect place for you to start. Your roof can be damaged in many ways and repairs can save you time and money if done correctly. Don’t take chances with your Roof! The Gutters Are Your Best Friend!

Thinking of Solar Energy Panels?

Solar is a great option for generating energy and is especially helpful for those who live in areas that do not have access to regular electricity. It is important to know that these panels can generate enough electricity for your household needs and that solar cells are the only ones that can capture the energy from the sun.

There are two types of solar cells: mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline. The difference between them is straightforward: one has more cell layers than the other does. The mono-crystalline cells also have a higher resistance to heat and need to be kept in good condition.

A poly-crystalline solar panel has a lower cost and is more resistant to scratches, but are more fragile. Both have the same technical specifications that are suited for almost any roof. Solar panels are another great way of restoring roof to add value to your home.

Solar Power for Your Home?

Do you know that solar power is an excellent option for your home? These panels can generate energy from the sun and can be installed on your roof or anywhere else in your home.