Some people believe a hot tub is a luxury. But they aren’t telling their friends, because getting into the soothing bubble bath will give them more than relaxation and an escape from daily stresses. The benefits of a hot tub are quite reachable for those who use it right as well as for those who want to take care of their investment. It is in your best interest to take initiative in maintaining the quality of your salt water spa experience. When taken care of, the hot tub lasts many years. The spa’s lifespan depends on how much you take care of it. Here are a few tips to keep your spa functional and well-maintained.

Simple Maintenance For Home Hot Tubs

It is not hard to see that maintaining a tub is easier than setting it up. Of course you have to be aware of the mechanics behind each piece of the hot tub on its own. But occasionally, most importantly when getting something new, or cleaning its filthiness, it is important not only to understand what the parts are and what they do in terms of heating water but also how they are attached to the pump that circulates them. Cleaning them is also easy. It goes without saying that the more you use it, the more cleaning you have to do. And even if you don’t use it often, you still have to take care of it and keep it in good condition. If your spa uses a chlorine generator system, then all you need to do is exchange the water every three months or so.

Clogged Jets?

Jets should not be blocked with mud or other debris as this will impede flow and thus heat loss. So cleaning them regularly will ensure your water circulates freely and maintains its desired temperature.

Regular Maintenance Routine

Before you even think of using your spa for the first time in a while, perform a pre-hook-up check on everything. Check the electrical system, make sure your water pump is still functional and check connections as well as the controls including the temperature selector. Check that all filters and other mechanisms are clean and free of debris. For those with salt water generators, exchange the water every three months or so. You will be able to tell when you do this because of drastically lower levels of chlorine in the water. If you have no idea when to do this, then just go ahead with it after checking that there are no leaks around plugs where any salt in traces could have entered the circuit board inside.

Using Chemical Additives

Salt water generators should have some chemical additive added to the water to make sure the system’s salt levels stay at the ideal level. It is really no use having an overly high chlorine level as it will disrupt the zits and carcinogenic enzymes in the tub. The chemical additive is also responsible for keeping the tub free of algae and bacteria. This prevents clogging of jets which can negatively impact the control device on your control panel – especially if you use a touch screen control panel. You should also check that a filter has been added to your filter system as this will reduce water spots, discoloration, and scum inside your spa. You should also check and clean the filter in your hot tub filter system when you notice water spots or discoloration in the water. Salt water generators will have salt cartridges but also need to be removed so they do not interfere with the circulation of water. It is usually a good idea to perform this maintenance work some time during the off season such as in October or possibly even after winter is over and before you use it again.

Make Sure To Check The Filters

The air filter should be cleaned regularly (approximately once a month). You can start by removing it and placing it on a flat surface that is clean from dust, debris, dirt, pollen, or other particles. When you decide to clean it, first clean the area around the filter where it sits on the hot tub and then remove and clean the filter. If there are holes in your filter, test for leaks by putting a piece of paper towel on top of the filter and then cover it with a plastic bag. Check for leaks underneath the bag as well if there are any.

Any Floaters? Gross!

Floats serve as back supports for your spa’s water jets so that they do not get damaged when you pour water from high up into them. They should be kept firm, stable, and secure to prevent wobbling or moving around. If they are not secured, they could become a hazard and pose a danger to anyone inside the spa. This is especially problematic if water from your jets has entered them. You should also replace the floats with new ones occasionally.

Maintenance of Salt Water Generators:

There are two types of salt generators: chlorine gas generator and chlorine combination generator (still using chlorine but with some other additive). The chlorine level in the water is adjusted in units known as PPM (parts per million). It is important to use this device in proper working order. It may be damaged by over-cleaning or not functioning like it should.

Be Careful of Over Cleaning

When you begin using the hot tub after a period of non-use, you must clean the inside of the equipment in order to get rid of any build-up that may have occurred since last time you used it. Salt water generators being more prone to build up dirt and debris than other devices, over cleaning is a serious problem that can significantly reduce its lifespan or even make it unusable at all.