Canada has offered overseas investors stable and safe financial gain for many years. Thankfully its never been easier to access this investment through online platforms even from abroad. For the best available investment opportunities in Canada for you try a simple online search.

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A Return To Canadian GDP Growth

After a few years affected by the global pandemic like the rest of the world Canadian economic statistics had tanked. But recent reports suggest that the Canadian GDP overall will increase 3.5% in 2022.1 A 3.5% increase in GDP means that many sectors in Canadian economy will have booming years and the opportunity for investing is lucrative.

Foreigners Opt For Canadian Living

Did you know there is over one million Indian origin immigrant in Canada?2 Canada has long been a favorite place for Indians and other foreigners to live outside of the home country and getting investment is a simple way for immigration. Economic stability attracts investment from all around the world but from India it is particularly high. Canada is considered a safe haven for investors around the world and more Indians are jumping on this opportunity. This is not just to protect their wealth from inflation but also to get approved for immigration if they wish to live in Canada.

Its Time To Think About Canadian ETFs

One of the easiest ways to get money invested into stable platforms is through the process of ETFs. ETFs basically allow people to invest at a fraction of the cost that a normal mutual fund or portfolio investment that traditional brokers require. For example you may need to invest over $100,000 to get access to investment in Canada before ETFs were created. In fact ETFs saw an astonishing rise of 35.6% year to year in 2021 to an astonishing $338.5billion.3 ETF simply stands for exchange traded fund and it is as simple as the investment being packaged into a simple stock price.

The Best ETFs In Canada

There is a large range of investment opportunities for you in Canada but there are different categories to be aware of. Such industry sectors like Best Bonds, Best Canadian Equities, Best All In One ETFs and Best Canadian Bank ETFs are on offer. We suggest taking a look at investment opportunities like Vanguard Growth ETF and IShares Core Balanced ETF Portfolio.

Canadian Consumer Demand Is High

Canadian households are driving the result in the booming economy as many people were able to save money during the pandemic. This has allowed them to cushion the blow to the economic downturn and now they’re ready to spend it. If you’re in another country outside of Canada you can easily access opportunities without any big hurdles to get investment. In fact many brokerages and platforms allow instant access to investing in Canadian financial sectors such as technology, real estate ETFs and commodities.

Canadas Major Investment Sectors

  • Commercial Banking – The biggest revenue for investment in Canada is commercial banking. The big banks in Canada are some of the biggest by revenue in the world and institutions such as TDbank, Scotiabank and Bank of Canada are highly sought after investments. They have done a particularly great job at creating job diversification which allows them to continually grow in economic uncertainty.
  • Energy and Petroleum – Canada is fortunate to be on such an overwhelming large land size for its population. There is ample room for mining and energy production so petroleum companies are also great for investment. Canada has stations that play an important role in the production of energy not just for its country but also the globe. India has very close relationships with Canada for this reason so your investment will help to guarantee Indias future of energy too.
  • Supermarkets and Grocery Stores – Over the last 5 years supermarket and grocery stores in the country have been on an increasing value. Even during the pandemic consumer spending continued to pour into these grocery stores and they’re expected to grow even more in 2022. The shopping experience in Canada is one of the highest in the world with amazing food and quality of produce.
  • Hospitals – Investing in government projects like hospitals and medical centres has provided great investment opportunity for global finance. If you’re someone that particularly likes the idea of stable investing this is one of the best picks.

Get Access To Investing In Canada With Just 1 Click

If you’re ready to invest in a stable long term portfolio in Canada there is no better time. The Canadian economy is expected to grow over 3.5% in 2022 so many industries will continue to boom. It has never been easier to invest in Canada as once you’re approved for the platform you can invest in any industry you like with a simple button click. To use the most trusted and regulated investment opportunities for Indians try a simple online search.