Kombucha has made a rapid imprint on the health industry in recent times but the origins of this tea are ancient. The extensive list of health benefits of this fizzy tea is long and people are boasting of their results. Kombucha has been shown to help with weight loss, aid in detoxification and even boost energy levels. Adding a daily kombucha may be one of the best choices of this year, here are the top brands available now!

benefits of kombucha

Kombuchas Natural Healing Powers

Originating in use as a health tonic for the emperors in early China kombucha is considered medicine. Formed as a fermentation process with a Scoby (or Symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) it slowly builds good bacteria in the original tea format. We know with modern science just how important healthy bacteria is for our gut and considering the majority of the immune system is in the gut its important to take care of this balance.1

Improving your gut bacteria can have profound effects in the body including our weight. Because kombucha is so rich in probiotics (healthy bacteria) people around the world are boasting of their weight loss successes in conjunction of drinking kombucha.

Cut Down On Sugar Intake

Considering the average American takes in over 17 teaspoons of refined sugar daily this is a rampant problem.2 High sugar intakes contribute to a huge range of disease like diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity. Refined sugar is an addictive substance and many people struggle to limit its impact on their daily diets. Now its important to note kombucha does contain small amounts of sugar but this is a necessary fuel source for the bacteria growth. The sugar is actually processed by the yeast and bacteria which makes it much easier for your body to digest and assemble for energy.

The delicious flavors available in kombucha like ginger, blueberry, strawberry, hibiscus, passionfuit and lime are all naturally derived. These amazing flavors help people to manage their sugar cravings while enjoying a refreshing cold drink they would consider almost a soft drink.

Drastically Improves Digestion

Drinking kombucha helps to improve digestion because its full of natural enzymes that help to break up food. The enzymes are created by the yeast and enable the digestive track to assimilate the different nutrients and use them in the body. Other acids found in kombucha like acetic, benzoic, butyric and citric acid help to kill parasites internally. When our digestive track is out of pH balance kombucha can help to aid in regulating the acidity.

Kombucha Aids In Weight Loss

Kombucha that is prepared with green tea as a base tea can help to reduce stubborn belly fat. Green tea has been studied extensively and found that daily intakes of green tea can contribute to weight loss.3 Helping to speed up the metabolic rate can help to metabolize fats in the stomach region and use them as an energy source.

Supports Liver And Detoxification

The liver plays a vital role in the bodily functions and breaking down the food we eat. If a liver is poorly functioning it can severely disrupt all other aspects of the body including hormonal regulation and weight gain. The large antioxidant dose in a kombucha serve can help to protect your liver against free radical damage and excessive toxic load.

Promotes Better Mood And Mental Health

Because a large component of our mental health actually originates in the gut kombucha has been shown to help with anxiety and depression. A large number of neurochemical signals actually originate in the gut and when they’re disrupted it can cause mood swings without someone knowing. The potent probiotic benefits of kombucha help to stimulate and grow beneficial gut flora which contributes to better signalling of dopamine and serotonin.

Increased Energy Levels

Because of the high content of natural enzymes kombucha can help to properly breakdown vitamins and nutrients in our food. Containing very low amounts of sugar it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable which can prevent afternoon slumps and energy crashes.

When Should You Drink Kombucha For Weight Loss?

If weight loss is your main goal for drinking kombucha then drinking it around a workout seems to be most beneficial. This study found that a green tea based drink like kombucha drank 90 minutes before exercise results in larger fat loss.4 If an exercise routine is not in your daily schedule then having it with your preferred meal of the day is fine. The enzymes and probiotics on top of the natural acidity of the drink can help to aid the digestion of the meal.

How Much Kombucha Daily?

For optimal health you should aim to drink 1 to 2 glasses of kombucha a day. This can give you extended benefits and not have any negative effects on energy levels. Its also important to either learn how to brew your own kombucha safely or use professionally made beverages for hygiene and parasite purposes.

The Best Kombucha Brands

Kombucha has made a rapid rise in the health market with many brands now manufacturing their own versions. Its important to note that not all kombucha is the same and some are much healthier options than others. From high sugar content to only kombucha essence some companies use marketing tactics to sell poor nutrient beverages. For the top kombucha brands available today and starter kits try an online search.

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