A recent study by the US Department of Commerce has reported that by 2024 up to 80% of households will use maid cleaning services.1 With busy schedules and two working parents the cleaning jobs are being passed to professionals. However its more important than ever to make sure you’re properly insured for any damage or theft by the cleaning service. To view the best available pricing for maid cleaning insurance policies use a simple online search.

maid cleaning insurance

The Cleaning Industry Is Booming

Even before the pandemic fuelled rising of the cleaning industry many households were already using maids to help spruce up their homes. Parents often are both working now and children in school, or seniors preferring to kickback and use low cost cleaning maids. The average home is actually cleaned up to 7 times a month, so to save time people are choosing maids services.

50% Of Maids Have Stolen Something From The Clients Home

A survey reported by Ladders has suggested that an eye turning 50% of maids have actually stolen something from their clients property.2 Now this theft is not always considered to be high ticket items as some have chuckled it was a piece of fruit as such. However more expensive items like jewellery, cash and art has been taken and never seen before again. The big realisation of home owners when their home insurance did not cover this theft is shocking to many. To be properly protected does not cost much at all and if you’re going to use a maid cleaning service its important to be protected by an appropriate policy.

Over 1 Million Janitorial Business In The USA

With the huge boom in the cleaning market many small business have been popping up over the nation. Its now known that in the United States alone there is a 6.4% increase in cleaning service businesses to an astonishing 1,136,663 total businesses.3 This is expected to continue to grow as people opt to use their time in more constructive ways then continuously cleaning their own homes.

Fire, Floods and Damages

Now its only theft that is considered to be one of the main things to properly insure against but also fire, floods and damages. It may not even be the maids fault at all but equipment that does not function properly is a cause for damage in any situation. Vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and other electrical devices can malfunction and it may trigger fire or other damages. Because maids and janitors are always moving to new properties they can be become absent minded and may leave power on or even gas on which may lead to devastating impacts.

Opting For Organic Cleaning

Another aspect to deeply consider when choosing cleaning services is to use organic products. Many household cleaning products are loaded with harsh chemicals that are not good for us to continuously breathe in and be exposed to. Using products that are based on organic materials not just vinegar and lemon but other great smelling products are easily accessible in most retail stores. You spend a lot of time in your own home so its important to not always be surrounded by harsh chemicals that soak into your blood stream. We’re now becoming more aware of not just the foods we eat but the products we use daily. Biodegradable washes and detergents are also recommended so when they’re discarded its not destroying the environment.

Cleaning Trends To Expect In The Future

  • Special Services – These are being customised to make sure the client is happy with not just a cleaning service but additional services too. Such things may be added on top like laundry and carpet cleaning to help cater towards the clients needs. Its becoming increasingly popular for clients to not only ask for their household to be cleaned but then also their washing to be completed and folded too.
  • Supply Chain Issues – Just like most other businesses on the planet have been affected by ongoing supply chain issues. Having access to organic and professional cleaning products at wholesale prices is affecting the price of cleaning services. Its sometimes harder to make sure they have the right products to use which can cause an increase in cost of cleaning.
  • Professional Window Cleaning – With many homes now being constructed in multi level living the outside windows can be harder to clean. Having insurance to protect the outside of your property to is important as window cleaning is prone to damage and risk. If there is an injury on your property that you’re the cause for their may be implications of financial outcomes after.

View The Best Insurance For Maid Cleaning Service Now

If you’re using a maid cleaning service at your home or business its important to make sure you’re properly covered. With new regulations and laws it is simple to view policies that not only protect your home but the health of all involved. To view the best available deals online now a simple search can reveal these options.

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