An alarming 16 million households in America endured a serious computer virus in recent years.1 As technology continues to increase at a rapid pace so does the threat of online cyber crime. In fact the global cost of cyber crime is valued at an astonishing $6 trillion in 2021.2 It is incredibly simple to protect your computer when updated with the latest anti virus protection. To view the most trusted anti virus software at very affordable prices try an online search.

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Anti Virus Works, You Just Have To Have It Installed

Many computer users in the world are simply ill prepared when it comes to having the right software installed on their devices. The majority of online cyber hacks and viruses take place when you’re not running up to date software. The top anti virus companies once installed will automatically update you every time they make a patch. This often occurs every few days if not daily at the rate in which cyber crime is taking place.

What Features Should You Look For In Anti Virus?

The basics of a quality and professional anti virus program should include web browser protection. As you search the internet the code on the pages and in pop up browser windows can include malware and other computer virus programs. Sometimes even disguised as trusted companies these viruses can download onto your computer without even knowing. A web browser protection offers real time detection as you surf the internet in what may be a threat. Other valuable components to anti virus protection include Anti-phishing, VPN (Virtual private network) and automatic downloads for updates.

Mobile Anti Virus Programs Necessary

With the rise of smartphones now its not just your personal computer that needs protection but phones too. In fact the corporate world has already began to drastically shift with 42% of large companies designing strategies to stop mobile viruses with employees. Viruses and trojan horses are a very high threat and in particular Android devices are easily targeted by cyber criminals. Its believed that only 49% of mobile users have an anti virus program installed so this is becoming a major loophole for cyber thieves to get access from.

There Are Over 970 Million Malwares Circulating Right Now

It is incredibly alarming to think and realise of the depth of cyber crime prevalent on the internet today. Recent studies suggest that a staggering 970 million malware viruses are circulating the internet today.3 That is a number you can not even begin to comprehend but the software in anti virus is doing its best to protect you from all of it. Most of these viruses are continuously updating the code to sneak past anti virus but professionals are doing their best to protect you.

MacOS Is Not So Safe Either

Many Apple Mac users like to think they’re protected from online threats that as suggested there are actually over 250,000 viruses added every single day.4¬†Some simple viruses can be stealing your data without even realising which may eventually lead to a personal identity theft. A thorough analysis by a leading virus protection software company suggests 62% of Macs are already infected with viruses.

Most Commonly Exploited Programs

The most common programs which can be exploited by viruses are ones we used everyday. Such programs like Microsoft Office and Excel including Microsoft Word can embed viruses very hidden. Other common exploits for viruses or trojan horses include internet browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Apple Safari. Next in line is Android phones, Java updates, Adobe Flash Player and PDF files. These are programs which are used by the majority of the worlds population which is why cyber thieves specifically work on them to exploit.

Desktops Are More Prone Than Laptops

It seems according to data that on average desktop users are more inclined to anti virus breaches than laptop users. This may be because laptop users are better at installing anti virus software but also because its easier for malware to create virus for desktops. Desktop users also often have outdated software programs which usually came pre installed on the desktop but long forgotten. Its important to update the anti virus license whether to a free provider or paid provider at least annually.

Download The Latest Anti Virus Software Now

Its obvious to realise that viruses aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact infection rates are increasing quite dramatically and spyware is at an all time high. Todays viruses function just like old ones but they’re way more advanced in their approach at stealing data. The best solution you can possibly have is installing the most up to date trusted anti virus. To view these anti virus softwares at very affordable prices try an online search.

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