Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $10.5trillion by 2025 experts have revealed.1 With 3.5million jobs in the cyber security space going unfilled in 2021 American recruiters are desperately hiring around the globe.2 To find out what positions are available now take a search online.

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The Heavy Cost Of Cybercrime

As the internet and technology continues to develop at a blazing speed so does the threat of cybercrime. Such crimes like hacking and fraud are growing in frequency and the cost to consumers and businesses continues to rise. The impact of cybercrime can be devastating to not only business but the way we live as a society. Moving many of systems we use from healthcare to energy onto technology platforms exposes our society to danger and the need for cyber security specialists is at an all time high.

What Does A Cyber Security Specialist Do?

Cyber security specialists perform a number of different jobs to help protect the systems and networks used around the world. They use their skills, knowledge and experience to find security vulnerabilities in a variety of platforms and work with other IT professionals to resolve these issues. As technology expands these positions carry on growing as businesses need qualified individuals to ensure the protection of all online systems from attacks from both external hackers and also insider threats.

Amazing Benefits Of Cyber Security Jobs

High Earnings – Cyber security jobs can pay very well compared to other industries with average hourly rates of $31-38.3 As you climb the ranks of the position and take on more responsibilities the salaries can earn well into the 6 figures per year.

Job Satisfaction – Cyber security jobs provide unique opportunities to do something that is important and meaningful to society. The importance of what these positions do gives you a sense of purpose and fulfilment knowing your work helps protect systems which are vital to many aspects of daily life.

Employment Outlook – As technology grows and more businesses move onto digital platforms the need for cyber security professionals is expected to grow. This rate far outpaces other sectors such as healthcare and finance.

Work From Home – With many businesses growing to rely on cloud storage and software solutions that run in the background you can perform your job from anywhere with an internet connection.

Work In Many Industries – Cyber security jobs are needed in every industry as they are growing and entering new markets. This means you can find employment in any industry your interested in or want to advance into. From finance to healthcare, fitness to government the huge variance in industries is exciting for many people taking up work in the space.

Which Countries Need Cyber Security Specialists The Most?

With an increasing amount of data being stored online and the growing threat of cybercrime many countries are looking at ways to increase the level of security on their systems. Cyber security experts are needed all around the world as every country is seeking to protect its citizens and businesses from cyberattacks. Countries that are seeking graduates in this field include United States of America, Canada, India, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and many other world leading countries.

Education For Cyber Security?

University Degree – Although many cyber security jobs require training from a university degree there are some positions that do not require formal education.

Online Certifications – For some positions in the field requiring certification you can find independent training through various education brands. You may be able to find self-paced learning programs or work towards a certification from an existing company.

Skills Needed For Cyber Security Jobs

Above Average Intelligence – The complexity of the software and hardware used in cyber security jobs is complex and requires a high level of concentration from individuals.

Problem Solving Skills – With many tasks in the space you need to identify issues with systems and platforms and work to resolve these issues. This means the ability to think outside the box when approaching problems or work with a team to overcome any obstacles.

Communication Skills – It’s important to be a strong communicator in this field so you can explain the work you’ve done and its impact on the systems and platforms affected by these mistakes.

Teamwork Skills – Working on teams in the space means relying on others to perform key tasks and you need to be able to work with other professionals effectively to achieve your goals.

Computer Skills – Although not required most cyber security jobs do require users have at least basic computer skills, especially if they will be performing any data entry or troubleshooting procedures.

Get Your Perfect Cyber Security Job Today

With advancing technologies everyday the threat to cybercrime is continuing to grow. The employment opportunity for this industry is one of the biggest in the world currently and high paying jobs are hiring now. If you have the skills ready to tackle cyber security and want to learn more about these roles or which jobs are hiring use a search online.

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