Many Brits require dental work, but for years now the dental industry has been ripping off consumers with out of reach costs. Thankfully, recent breakthroughs in technology have led to much faster and cheaper treatments available. In fact last year 260,000 dental implants were placed in the UK alone.1 Start an online search to view the latest local prices.

Dental Implant

Why Do We Use Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a method of replacing missing teeth. By using an implant, the new tooth can be placed into the place of the missing tooth and fastened in securely, with no risk to your jawbone or other surrounding areas. You don’t have to worry about losing part of your mouth while you heal from dental surgery either because it’s a minimally invasive procedure that doesn’t require extensive recovery time. It’s a gentle non-invasive procedure that millions of people around the globe use every year with a whopping 94%+ success rate.2

Who Would Benefit The Most From Dental Implants?

Senior citizens tend to be the most common users of dental implants. As people get older, their natural teeth can start to fall out, either because of disease or poor care. Often after a series of cavities, root canals or other tooth problems, the tooth may have to be removed entirely from the mouth. By using a dental implant to replace the missing tooth your senior citizen will be able to eat comfortably and smile proudly once more. But its not just the perfect option for senior citizens, in fact anyone who has a missing tooth that needs to be replaced or decaying of a current tooth. This also includes people with missing teeth, root canal teeth or a wisdom tooth where the root is too far gone for extraction.

US Researchers Prove That Dental Implants Are The Best Affordable Option

In a study of more than 3,000 patients, the success rate of dental implants was exceedingly high. Of those studied, only 1.3% were unhappy with how their implants had healed. The others were pleased with the outcome even 20 years after having received treatment. Further renowned studies have shown the success rate of dental implants to be a staggering 98.3%. The implants are so high-tech too, and even if they are your only tooth, it still will be securely anchored and you’ll be able to eat with gusto and enjoy your day-to-day life again.In fact, the success rate is so high that a study has been conducted by the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology showing that dental implants rarely need to be replaced after just 10 years in use – if at all!

Advances In Computer Technology Means Even Bigger Savings

With computer models now able to custom blueprint the perfect dental implant for you at the fraction of the cost it was 10 years ago there has never been a better time to fix up those teeth of yours. Combining disciplines from engineering, manufacturing, medical and online searching the perfect dental implants procedure can be found for you, completed in a non-invasive fast healing time and walked through with world class dentists right here in the United Kingdom.

A Simple Online Search Will Show You The Best Local Dental Implant Providers

Depending on your age, city and availability of relevant dental procedures can all impact on choosing the right treatment for you. Searching online is a great way to keep up to date with modern research and state of the art practices that you may be eligible for and will offer results at competitive prices.

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