With modern day economic stress and pressures, more people are now turning online to sharpen their skillsets and demand higher pay cheques. All this without carrying the burden of high tuition costs. It is now possible to find a college degree which would be much more beneficial to you or an employer in virtually any field you’re passionate about.

Prestigious universities across the nation are offering world class courses online in an effort to ease their own operation costs.. how lucky for you!

1. So What Exactly is an Online degree?

An online degree is the same thing as a degree that’s traditionally offered through a brick-and-mortar college. The only difference is that it’s taken through an online format and usually boasts more flexibility in terms of schedule and location. Online Degrees have many advantages over traditional college degrees. They are more affordable, allow students to work when and where they please, and provide the opportunity for study in a much larger variety of locations. To echo the previous answer, the cost for an online degree depends on a number of factors. Some are related to the institution and some have more to do with what type of degree it is.1

2. So Why Would I Want an Online Degree?

Did someone mention flexibility? Online degrees are becoming more popular with employers. Many companies are looking for employees who can focus their skills while mitigating the risk of tuition and other expenses. Another benefit is that it allows you to still work a “traditional” 9-5 job while pursuing your education elsewhere. This flexibility allows students to pursue their education at their own pace, maximizing time and money. Although many online degrees are similar, there are some key differences that you should be aware of before choosing what is best for you.2

3. How Long Does it Take to Get an Online Degree (in US)?

Most online degree programs can be completed in as little as a year. Some take longer because of the difficulty of the material or the need to continue enrolment during vacations and summers. There are different models you can undertake (many are a great option for the senior learner too!).3

Associate Studies: An associate degree is a 2-year degree, or if you’re lucky, a 1 year and 2 semester’s worth of study. The beauty of this “partial” degree is that it can be used as the first step in further education. It’s also great for students who are unsure of what they want to do just yet. It opens many doors into new fields of work and employment and also offers cross skillsets for multiple. Some associate programs offered online:

  • Counselling and Psychology
  • Real Estate
  • Business Management
  • Tax Preparation and Book Keeping
  • Child Development and Learning

Bachelor Studies: Bachelor programs are usually a 4 year degree. The experience of a bachelor program is much like that of college and has the usual requirements for success. The benefits of pursuing a bachelor program are: the ability to graduate with more in-depth knowledge, increased skill set and competencies, higher level of professionalism and prestige among peers. Some bachelor programs offered online:

  • Nursing
  • Business Management
  • Insurance Studies/Criminology
  • Construction Engineering Technology
  • Computer Sciences

An Online Search Can Lead You To Your Perfect Online Degree

The most important thing about looking for an online degree is to be honest with yourself. You have to ask: What course am I interested in studying? What kind of courses am I not interested in studying? Is there a major that interests me?

It also helps to know whether you want a shorter program or longer one, because that will affect how much time you’ll be investing and how much money it will cost. If you’re ready to open the doors to further education and higher salary options and want to find the best high quality online degree catered towards you and your needs run a search here and see what online schools are waiting for you right now.


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