Running out of space or temporarily on the move? It can be hard to give up some of our collected or cherished items over the years. Self storage has emerged as a popular option with lowering costs and 24/7 digital access across the nation.

What is Self Storage?

Self storage is a self-service method of receiving and storing goods. This option is run by a business, small or large, and allows customers to rent out space to store their goods and items. Many Americans use self storage to store items that do not need to be at home.

What Can Be Stored in Self Storage?

Most self-storage facilities will have the necessary space to store all of your items. In fact, if a particular item is too large or fragile to be stored on site, the facility may provide a secure location for you to store it nearby. You can store cars, household items like fridges, televisions, tables, furniture and even machinery. There is specific self storage locations that can store even the largest of equipment or items.

How Long Can I Leave Things in Self Storage?

This is dependant on the company that you choose to store with. Some locations offer long term (many years if you require) and it will be given in the contract. Self storage facilities generally offer flexible options in both short term and long term solutions. This caters for everyone who just need storage for a week in-between house moves or those looking to hold for months or years at a time.

Benefits of Self Storage?

Due to the flexibility, easy access and secure surroundings, self storage is an excellent option to provide all your storage needs. It’s also very cheap to run too. You can enjoy a secure and clean environment with 24/7 access, plus it saves you time from going out and finding a new place to store everything. You can also see your items at any time through their CCTV system (if this is an option from your storage provider).

Self Storage Options?

When it comes to self storage there are different options, categorised into three main types:

1. Climate Controlled Storage
This will be classed by the temperature and humidity inside the storage area. If you have items such as refrigerators, tools, etc., this will be ideal. You can control the option of temperature inside the room with a digital sensor. This is the more pricey model of storage but if you have perishables like wine you might fancy this option.

2. Regular Storage or Non-Climate Controlled Storage
This type of storage is just a normal storage room that does not offer temperature control. These rooms are usually made from the same material as a house, so it is not completely insulated. It is a very secure option for your items and is good for those who do not have perishables or temperature control needs.

3. Portable Storage Units
As the name suggests, these are portable and can be moved from one place to another. They will be transported by a company with a truck so you do not have to take your own.

But What About Security?

What is real security? It’s when you have peace of mind knowing that anything stored at your storage unit is completely out of your sight and those who access it are vetted by security staff. You don’t need an expensive alarm system when you already have the peace of mind offered by self storage services.

How Much Does Self Storage Cost?

The cost of self storage varies from provider to provider. Some units are more expensive than others depending on the number of people you can store, location and temperature control.
Average small units can consolidate in the $70 per month range where as a large climate controlled storage space can cost upwards of $300 per month. We suggest contacting your local self storage business to see what rates they can offer you for your specific needs.

How Do I Store in Self Storage?

First, you go to their website or application on your phone and register. You then give them all the details about yourself and your storage needs along with providing payment details. It is imperative that you provide accurate details to avoid confusion later on. The company will arrange a suitable storage space for you (depending on availability).

Self Storage For Business Stock?

Using self storage for your business stock is an excellent option. You can store your goods safely and have them at your disposal whenever you need them. You do not have to worry about people breaking in and stealing your items when you use self storage either.