With the internet evolving user experience design jobs have exploded in recent years. UI UX designer jobs in America offer a lucrative work from home opportunity for international designers taking home salaries of over $88,854.1 These positions are open to designers abroad and a simple search online can show what is available.

UX/UI Design Jobs

The UX Design Jobspace

As the internet becomes more accessible to everyone the role of clean and well designed user experience for websites and programs has created many jobs. In Fact LinkedIn has listed UX design jobs as one of the top 20 skills to learn in 2020 and beyond.2 It’s estimated there is over 24,000 jobs available right now and set to increase 21% per year.

What Is A UI UX Designer Job?

A UI UX designer job is a position in which the candidate is responsible for designing and implementing user interface and user experience guidelines that, when applied, will ensure that websites or programs are comfortable and intuitive to the person using it. The role of a UI designer is to be very mindful of the small details in each project and make small changes that can change the way a website or program can feel to a person.

The best UI designers are also able to think outside the box and show how they can give different elements in their designs new life and make it unique. A good UI UX designer should also be able to predict what will happen when their designs are applied and how these changes will effect the users experience.

Important Trends In UI/UX Employment

  • Remote Working – The use of remote working software such as Slack and videoconferencing are starting to become more commonplace in design and development companies. This gives the designer the chance to work from the place they best fit without having to travel far from home. The same type of software is making it easier for designers to find out about new jobs and internships as well.
  • Artificial Intelligence – AI, or more commonly known as machine learning is becoming more popular and is already being used for jobs such as writing recommendations for restaurants on Yelp and creating custom outfits that fit customers. It’s estimated by 2021 AI will be able to aid designers in tasks such as navigating through an application and troubleshooting issues that could prevent it from working properly.
  • Automation – A number of design companies are using automation to process their workflows through software that allows them to do multiple projects at once without the need for multiple people handling each project individually. This can lead to efficiency as well as a better user experience as the designer doesn’t have to worry about a mistake in every element of their designs.
  • Timing – More and more companies are hiring designers who are able to work with deadlines and make sure their work gets done on time. This is more of a business trend than anything else and companies are looking for the people who will be able to stick with them through the early years of social media, websites, and apps.
  • 3D/Virtual Reality – VR & AR are becoming more popular as companies look to get their foot in the door by giving their customers the chance to view their products and services in a different way. 3D and VR/AR are also increasing the demand for people who understand how to work effectively with these technologies.

What Skills Are Needed?

  • A good UI UX designer should be able to predict what will happen when their designs are applied and how these changes will effect the users experience.
  • They should also be able to think outside the box and show how they can give different elements in their designs new life and make it unique.
  • They should be able to work under pressure and stick to deadlines when needed.
  • They should also be excellent at communication both in person and through the use of websites such as Slack and Skype.
  • A UI UX designer should always be prepared to learn new skills if they want to remain competitive in their field.

What Type Of Jobs Are Available?

UI UX designer jobs are found in a number of different places from large companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

High Paying UI UX Jobs Available Now

UX Writer – A UI UX writer is a specialist that can create copy for products such as software, websites, and apps in a way that is easy for the customer to understand. They write the phrases that keep people coming back to an application. T

UI/UX Researcher – Designers in this position use different methods to help them uncover how users will interact with their designs and make sure these interactions follow proper procedures.

UX/UI Designer – This role is typical for someone who can see a design and elements in it that may confuse or distract a user. They will make changes to these elements until the design is satisfying to the user.

UI/UX Strategist – A strategist will take a step back from the details of projects and have a broader outlook that allows them to see how their design fits into the larger picture.

UI/UX Program Manager – A program manager will also oversee multiple designs but are able to track where a product or project is going and make sure it stays on schedule. They are also able to get more out of their employees and make sure they are getting the most out of their workday.

Get Your Perfect UX UI Design Job Today

To take advantage of the ever changing internet landscape and land a lucrative UX design job applying to positions is simple. If you have the necessary skills and mindset to handle this job then using a simple online search can help find available positions right now.

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