When you require supplemental oxygen on a regular basis your everyday life is dramatically changed. Portable oxygen concentrators offer a life saving solution for those battling COPD or other illnesses. These amazing machines are available online for heavily discounted rates and a simple online search can show which are near you.

portable oxygen concentrator

Portable Oxygen Devices Give Your Freedom Back

For anyone suffering from a medical condition that requires oxygen these machines offer a life changing solution. With over 15million people suffering from COPD symptoms alone these machines are helping large amounts of people get their lives back.1 According to NASA the Earths current atmosphere contains 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen with the remainder making up different gasses.2

How Do They Work?

A portable oxygen concentrator works by separating the oxygen in the air. When you are breathing, your nasal cavity is filled with a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. Oxygen is a lighter molecule therefore it can easily pass through the mucus layer of your nose making it to your lungs where it is absorbed by your blood. Meanwhile, the nitrogen passes areas of the nose and lungs without being absorbed in your blood.

Offers COPD Relief

Portable oxygen concentrators offer relief to those suffering from COPD and similar effects. If you have COPD, being able to breathe on your own is nearly impossible. This illness causes a person’s airways to become ravaged and scarred leading to collapsed airways and excessive mucus. As we breath we are constantly taking oxygen in and then expelling out carbon dioxide which is a waste material.3 The bacteria that live within our lungs process the carbon dioxide and release the oxygen for you to continue breathing. COPD sufferers are unable to process this task the same way because of their decreased respiratory function.

Easy To Use While Sleeping

One of the major benefits of these devices is they can be used easily whilst sleeping. Sleep is one of the most important times for our bodies to rest. Breathing should be easy and normal at night because our bodies can get caught up in a panic if we are no longer able to breathe properly. When we wake up in the morning, we will feel rested and ready to go about our day.

Travel Ready Portable Machines

With the designs of these machines catered towards ease of use those who require oxygen will be able to go out each day much easier. The portable aspect of these machines allows users to take them with them in their vehicle. Don’t let your illness get in the way of your life anymore, oxygen concentrators are a lifesaving invention that will change the way you live. The fact that you can now use these machines while driving makes it possible to go out and travel freely without any concerns around oxygen supply.

What Components Should You Look For In The Model?

  • Easy To Transport – Can be carried in your vehicle or easily transported on a plane.
  • Simple Set Up – Can be set up quickly and easily by one person with little effort.
  • Weight – The lighter the model the easier it will be for you to transport and carry around.
  • Quiet – Quiet operations are important for those who do not want to be disturbed by noise.
  • Battery life – Battery life is a key consideration when choosing a portable oxygen concentrator. You will want to know how long you can expect the battery to last before recharging.
  • Oxygen Output – The amount of oxygen that you can breathe while using the machine will most likely be based on how much battery life is left. Some of these machines are able to provide oxygen output up to 90%, while others can only provide between 20% and 80%.
  • Airflow – The smaller the number, the faster and more powerful the airflow.

How Long Will It Take To Recharge?

One of the most common concerns with portable oxygen concentrators is their need for constant recharging. This is due to the fact that they are powered by batteries. Its important to check the battery life of each device to make sure it is well recharged for your use and lifestyle.

Benefits Of Concentrated Oxygen?

  • Digestion – Oxygen is important for the proper digestion of food. The enzymes in our body function best using oxygen.
  • Anti-fungal – A higher concentration of oxygen is essential to fight off fungi such as athlete’s foot, athlete’s foot infections, and jock itch.
  • Mental Concentration – Oxygen is necessary for the brain to function properly.
  • Heart Health – A higher concentration of oxygen is important for the process of heart work.
  • Rejuvenation – Oxygen is important for the rejuvenation of cells. The increased oxygen that is delivered to cells activates various enzymes that are responsible for removing old, damaged cells from the human body
  • Endogenous Hormones – Oxygen in its natural state provides hormones that are essential in both men and women’s health.

The Top Portable Oxygen Concentrator Machines

For those who suffer from certain medical conditions like COPD or other pulmonary diseases a portable oxygen concentrator can be life changing. There are many machines available on the market today and it can be confusing to know which one is right for you. If you have spoken to your doctor and understand which level of concentration you require then you can begin to shop around. To view the best available devices in your locality at discounted prices simply search online.

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