With the global market of interior design set to shatter records and hit $255.4 billion by 2027 its a career choice not to be overlooked.1 Interior designers create clutter free, visually appealing yet still fully functional spaces with a high enjoyment rate. For those with a passion of being creative but still want access to well paying employment this is a strong career choice.

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The Role of An Interior Designer

Now the average person can paint a wall or decorate a room, however there are many building codes to pay attention too. Homeowners or real estate developers who violate these codes can be fined so using interior designers is important. Interior designers are taught the careful balance of being in building code limits whilst also creating beautiful designs. If you’re creative and carry an artistic flair, good at problem solving with communication skills and working in a team interior design may be your calling.

Homeowners Choose Interior Designers

An increasing number of home owners are choosing interior designers to help with the renovation or build of their homes. Another big boom in the interior design space is the Healthcare industry which is building new facilities after recent world events. The need for creating positive and healing spaces that resemble home is beneficial for treating patients and recovery.

Creativity Benefit

As an interior designer you’re essentially paid to be creative, efficiently spending the allocated budget in a well prepared manner. With client jobs coming in all sorts of shape and sizes the work is always evolving. From decorating and preparing new hotels to outdoor entertainment spaces or even bedrooms your creative talent will be on show. Best of all you basically get to spend other peoples money and create amazing spaces from your own creativity.

It’s Interactive Work

In the interior design industry you will have the chance to network with many people. From all walks of life, early homeowners to established real estate developers the work is interactive and on the go. Working alongside a builder and client the work is constantly engaging and transforming as the job goes on.

Good Communicators Are Good Candidates

The most successful interior designers have a skill in communication. Thriving between the interaction of the client and all other aspects of the building is a vital piece. You’re essentially the backbone of the design process and you will need to understand where everyone is coming from. Social skills are a big benefit and nearly as important as the creative spark as the client and builders are always changing their minds.

You Can Help Save The Environment

With a large amount of interior design now being focused with the environment in mind you can help contribute to a better world. Using materials or products that are ethically and sustainably sourced is beneficial to the Earth. Many building codes require certain energy saving tactics so using your creative spark you can manifest beautiful spaces with the environment being cared for.

How To Become An Interior Designer?

To get involved in interior design some education will be required. Entering this business is simple if you get an associates degree in Interior Design which is offered in many institutions. The best part of this course is many of them allow study from home opportunities with cost effective courses to accelerate learning. To get into interior design at a basic level you will only require a certificate but it will limit employment opportunity.

Such topics that will be covered in your education include commercial and residential design, understanding color palettes, drawing techniques, using CAD or other architectural software, finance management, marketing and even administrative aspects.

Program Lengths?

Certification programs are smaller in duration compared to the degrees of interior design. Some certifications available online or in person can be completed in less than a year. Degree programs can vary in length too however they can be completed in 2-3 years with hands on experience in-between. Studying and working is a great way for a student to get hands on experience under mature interior designers whilst also receiving some payment.

Interior Designers Are Well Paid

People working in the interior design space are well paid in comfortable salaries. With the industry set to continue rising well into 2027 salaries are expected to rise with it. The average salary of an interior designer is $54,000 but those with experience can command upwards of $80,000 a year.2

For interior designers who go on to complete a Masters Degree the pay checks continue to soar. In fact those with a Masters Degree in Interior Design make on average 24% more and can easily receive salaries of $126,000!3

Is Interior Design Right For You?

For those with a creative spark, strong communication skills and an eye for design this career is a popular choice. The industry is going to continue to grow as new constructions go up all over the world. Employment in this industry is considered a safe choice as designers will always be required even with renovations. For available courses in both certificates, associates degree or even masters degree opportunities you can find heavily discounted rates online.

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