In 2022 over 58% of working parents in America rely on child care centres and this number is set to increase.1 Daycare centres are looking to hire from abroad to help fill the 150,300 new jobs available this year.2 To view the latest available positions for daycare jobs for foreigners in America try an online search.

daycare jobs in america

Parents Need Access To Childcare

The American economy continues to rapidly grow and its causing working parents to put their kids in childcare more often. There is an abundance of great employment opportunities available for those wanting to live and work in America. Daycare provides a safe working environment with stable working hours and competitive salaries. The childcare industry is currently worth over $54 billion in America alone so it requires more workers to keep it going.

Dropping The Cost Of Childcare

To help parents cope with the demands of their workloads the government is putting a lot of money into the childcare space. The rapid employment is set to help drop the prices significantly for parents wanting to put their children into childcare.

Salaries On The Rise

The daycare industry has been seeing some rise in wages in the last few years. Different states and cities have varying wages with some of the highest paying daycare jobs being in Los Angeles and New York. There is potential to earn between $20-25 an hour with some private working daycare jobs or stay in nanny situations.

What Skills Do You Need?

In order to work with children you will require a few skillsets to help perform tasks and give supporting care to developing children. If you’re interested in becoming a daycare employee in the United States than you should rely on a few skills. The most common ones which are needed and assessed by employers are the following.

  • Communication Skills – A vital piece to this puzzle of employment is communication skills as you have to not only have verbal skills but non verbal too. Non verbal means picking up childrens emotions when they’re not able to express it in words because of their age. Communicating with fellow staff members is also important and working in a team can help to manage the busy centre of children.
  • Planning – Having a careful plan for the day ahead will help to keep the process of daycare running smooth. Sometimes children can be a nuisance or have temper tantrums which can disrupt the daycare centre. Knowing how to carefully deal with these situations and having plans for activities in the day is of benefit.
  • Patience – One of the biggest aspects to being able to work with children is having patience because they can not express themselves emotionally. Sometimes you will have to sit and wait to find out what the child really is requiring and patience is very important.
  • Decision Making – Your ability to think on the spot and act when under different circumstances will be of significance. Analysing the situation and knowing how to plan for learning differences in children is good. If a child hurts themselves or is in a dangerous situation it is important to act with calm behaviour and resolve the issue as quick as possible.

Every State Needs Workers

The current daycare situation in America is that the majority of states require workers. If you have a favorite preference of which city you prefer to work in then this is a great opportunity to find work in America. Some popular destinations in America for living and working include New York, Boston, San Francisco, Houston, New Orleans, Cincinnati and Chicago. If you don’t like the cold weather then staying away from the Northern states can help to adjust for any climate transitions. Even Hawaii is on the lookout for daycare workers so if you like the beach and sun and can see yourself living in Hawaii then this is an opportunity not to be missed.

How To Get A Working Visa?

If you’re granted employment opportunity through a childcare company the United States can offer you a working visa. But first you must receive a working notice of employment and then you can apply for a working visa through the US government websites. The process is quite straight forward but it does require the initial employment contract in order to follow through on.

Apply For Your Perfect Daycare Job Today

Daycare is an essential part of society and vital skills are needed to ensure citizens trust the workers with their children daily. Apply now for immediate placement in a daycare employment role and begin to live and work in the USA right now. To find out what is available try a simple online search.