With a shortage of nurses throughout the US, the Healthcare industry is now desperately looking for overseas workers. Now is the perfect time to search and get a fully funded nursing degree.

America is currently amidst a critical nursing shortage expected to last till 2030 and recently worsened by a global pandemic.1 The demand for qualified nurses is at an all time high and universities across the nation are heavily subsidising courses to accelerate learning. With excellent salaries and consistent working hours nursing is a stable job that many find rewarding. If you have any interest in becoming a nurse, this is a cost effective way to stabilise your financial future and demand is at an all time high.

Getting a nursing degree has never been so convenient with accelerated courses and schedules to fit busy lifestyles. The education involved in nursing is much more obtainable to the public then becoming a doctor which is a lengthy and durable process. Depending on which field of nursing interests you a large portion of these courses can be done online with practical education making up only a smaller percentage once the foundation of nursing skills has been taught.

Nursing Is Recession Proof Job Security

Every single country in the world requires nurses. Medical institutions like hospitals and clinics require nurses and are often short staffed. An estimated 1.2million new registered nurses will be needed by 2030 to cope with growing demands of population growth.2 As of February 2021 nursing was the fifth most in demand job of any workforce in the United States, hospitals are literally throwing money at any registered nurse to come and fulfil the hours needed.

Nursing Offers Career Growth And Flexibility

With many pathways leading from nursing it is a fantastic way to bolster your resume and career outlook. Becoming a registered nurse at a basic level allows you to work in multiple states and perhaps even countries if that is intriguing to you. Moving up from basic nursing to higher level MSN nursing degrees can dramatically increase salary to $113,930.3

Curriculum Of Nursing Degrees

When beginning your journey into the healthcare world a basic nursing degree will teach you how to take care of patients. Topics like medical terminology which covers information on treatments and conditions to speaking with colleagues and understanding doctors in the hospital. Other topics include anatomy and physiology and more hands on skillsets like taking blood or administering injections and wound care. In addition to these topics, nursing degrees put a priority on self care. As the work can be demanding with stressful situations having a base education of how to handle yourself in these environments is cared for. These skillsets are fantastic for an overall perspective of life.

Nursing Offers Flexible Hours

One of the most common myths of nursing is long shifts and unpredictable hours. This is simply not true as government regulations makes sure nurses and doctors in medical fields must be well rested to handle the job. Mornings, evenings, afternoons or nigh shift, its possible to build a roster that is flexible to make sure you can focus on other parts of life such as family, social life and exercise. Many nurses actually prefer to stack shifts in a short time period to allow for more time off in (but paid!) days off.

Becoming A Registered Nurse

The majority of nurses in the workforce are known as RNs (Registered Nurses). It is the gold standard of nursing and there are three main ways to achieve this level of certification.

BSN or Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing: This is earned through traditional university schooling and you can earn the RN title after completing a program and successful passing of the NCLEX licensing exam.

ADN or Associates Degree in Nursing: Quite like the BSN, you will earn the ADN through a licensed program but is usually offered outside traditional universities.

RN Diploma Program: These diploma programs are more limited. Based on clinical hours and hands on practice it will take you to the NCLEX degree which will award you with an RN license.

Is Nursing The Right Career Choice For You?

Nursing is a meaningful and fulfilling career that offers those looking for job security a great path into employment. If you like to be around people and perform under hygienic and well controlled work environments this is a fantastic opportunity. Helping save lives and care for your community is highly satisfying and many nurses surveyed on their job are tremendously happy with their employment choice.

Institutions Offering Accelerated Funded Degrees

Various universities in the United States offer nursing programs designed to educate and lead to rapid employment. Searching colleges and course creators in your state has never been easier with an online search revealing courses near you.

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