With travel reopening across the globe luxury cruise ships are rushing to fill unsold cabin cruises. There has truly never been a better time to take advantage of a premium scenic cruise holiday with your loved one or family at hugely discounted prices. From trips to the Bahamas, Mediterranean and other Exotic destinations travellers are licking their lips. See available deals now.

So how can you get your hands on some last minute unsold cabin cruises at a fraction of the cost? Read on as we share this years best options to get you under the sun and living once again!

best unsold cabin cruises

Cruise Ships Have An Incentive To Fill Beds

Understanding how cruise ships operate is key to hunting the best deals online. Luxury cruise liners try to fill as many beds to be as close to full as possible before embarking on a journey. A greater number of guests on board actually leads to more money being spent on onboard experiences like food, drinks and entertainment. So as the date gets closer for the ship to set sail on its journey rapid discounts are offered to fill the beds. We’re literally talking up to 80% discounts on some late sold cabin cruises!

92% of Cruise Vacationers Say They Will Return!

There are dozens of reasons as to why millions of people choose to go on cruises every year. In fact a whopping 92% of cruise travellers say they will definitely book a cruise liner as their next vacation again.1 Some of the mot popular experiences on board a sailing adventure include world class dining, no housekeeping, ever changing scenery and incredible destinations. If you’re looking to see other parts of the world without flying and moving at a patient speed cruise liners are a must.

Finding Your Perfect Cruise At Rockbottom Prices

Now one of the biggest mistakes people make is finding a cruise with a local travel agent. Whilst this does simplify things, it can really add a tonne of money to your ticket price especially if you’re buying for multiple passengers. Knowing the key strategies to hunting low price cabins on luxury cruises can save an entire trip over.

Set Your Date

Knowing a date that you’d be comfortable to leave on a vacation is the first step. Many cruise liners don’t really want customers knowing the business model and how early tickets are actually more expensive. Many top cruise liners like Carnival, P&O and Royal Caribbean have an email sign up and this allows you to have top deals delivered to your email inbox.

As the date approaches checking out different marketplaces for cruise ships you can see in real time as the price begins to drop. Sometimes booking even 2 weeks in advance of a trip may seem a bit stressful but literally can save you thousands of dollars!

Book Early But Monitor Pricing

If you’re someone who prefers to have a solid plan for an upcoming vacation with a bit less spontaneity take a breath. Some cruise liners actually allow you to claim some money back if the price begins to drop after your initial ticket purchase.2 It pays to keep attention and considering most passengers are not aware of this trick you can take advantage of it.

Keep An Eye On Cheap Upgrades

Another tactic which is used by the biggest cruise lines is filling unsold cabins as upgrades. If the premium cabins on the ship are not filled you may see offers of basic accomodation being sold with a free upgrade to premium. In fact some cruise liners like Royal Caribbean actually allow passengers to bid on premium room upgrades amongst themselves. If you notice a drop in premium cabin prices leading up to your cruise departure contact the cruise company and ask for this room. If you paid a similar price for your cabin many times the first vacationers to contact will get the best room as a free upgrade!

Plan Around Peak Season

Late Autumn and early Spring are some of the cheapest times to take advantage of a cruise. Yes the Winter months can be hard to endure in the United States for some cities but sticking it out and going on an adventure in Autumn or Spring can save big. Its usually easier to find the best luxury cruises with many unsold cabins at discounts of up to 80% during this period.

Popular Cruises For 2021/2022

Holland America: Setting sail from San Diego this luxury cruise liner is emerging as one of the most popular choices. 7 nights in duration you will have such destinations as Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Appealing to an older demographic this cruise has a lot of musical entertainment, world class dining with award winning chefs and takes on 2,650 passengers.

P&O Cruises: The British owned cruise liner is one of the respected in the world for luxury experience. Itineraries exploring places like Italy, Norway, Spain and Greece its a truly enchanting experience. Mid sized ships with onboard casinos, movie theatres, dance classes, bars and full service spa’s its no wonder they’re the top luxury cruise liner in the world.

Where To Get The Biggest Discounted Cruise Tickets?

If you’d love to kick back and set sail on an adventure of a lifetime with a loved one or family there is basement prices available today. Knowing where to score the best deals with automatic price watching indexes can save you time and money. Check out the best unsold cabin deals today that may be leaving soon with a simple online search now.

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