Technology continues to develop every day and leading companies want to keep up to date. Computer programming jobs are the perfect career pathway for those wanting a big pay cheque with stable job security. In fact the average salary for computer programmers in 2021 was $93,000 per year.1 Start an online search today to find what positions are currently available.

computer programming jobs

Why Would I Want A Career In Computer Programming?

We are no doubt in the era of computers and they have become a part of every day life to nearly every human on this planet. With technology leading the way of many businesses the investment in this area is very large. The salaries in computer programming are some of the highest starting salaries in all industries and there are new jobs created every year. Because of the dependency of technology the job security is long term meaning you’re investing into a career that won’t end quickly.

What Tasks Does A Computer Programmer Do?

Computer programmers are set with the tasks of designing and implementing software programs that run on a variety of hardware platforms. These programs are responsible for handling everything from business operations to entertainment and communications. In order to accomplish these tasks, computer programmers should be skilled in a variety of programming languages, including C++ and Java.

Work From Home Or In Office Flexibility

Many companies are now allowing their computer programmers to work from home. This not only saves the company money on office space, but also allows for a better work-life balance. However, many programmers also enjoy having the ability to work in an office environment and collaborate with their coworkers on a regular basis. The added flexibility gives you the option of taking more control in your career and allowing a work life balance.

How To Become A Computer Programmer

There are many ways to get into computer programming. The most common path to this career is through a degree program in computer science or information technology. Alternatively, there are many self-taught computer programmers who have achieved a high level of success without going through an official educational program.

Online Bootcamps Can Accelerate Learning

If you’re looking for a career in IT, university or college may just be a total waste of time according to some involved in the industry. There are many online bootcamps which are created in order to accelerate your learning into the programming industry. These bootcamps are an excellent way to gain experience and work on projects that you can use in your portfolio.

What Skills Do Computer Programmers Need?

In order to succeed as a computer programmer, you will need to have excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, you should be proficient in the use of multiple programming languages and operating systems. It is also important to stay current with the latest technologies in this rapidly changing industry.

High Paying Computer Programming Jobs Available Now

Network Analyst – $72,7632

A network analyst is responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining network systems. This position will require knowledge of a variety of programming languages as well as the ability to troubleshoot and maintain networks. The goal of this position is to make networks of business more efficient and effective helping to lower costs and improve timeframes.

App Developer – $84,8403

As an Applications developer, you will be responsible for designing and creating applications that run on computer systems and mobile devices. This position will require a solid understanding of programming languages, design principles, and human-computer interaction. The goal of this position is to create better, more user-friendly applications for business and consumers. There are many custom application companies which develop apps for unique business making this role very fun and adaptive.

UX Designer – $98,9104

UX Designers are responsible for the user experience of a product. This means designing and implementing the interface design, layout and controls in order to make products more usable. As a UX designer, you will need to have a solid understanding of how users interact with products and be able to design intuitive layouts. This role is very important in the technology industry, as it can make or break a product.

Software Engineer – $122,8675

For people who really love computer programming and have a skillset required software engineers command very high salaries. This role is responsible for the actual design, development, testing and maintenance of software products. This position requires expertise in multiple programming languages as well as knowledge on a variety of operating systems. If you love computer programming and problem-solving, then this is the position for you.

Get Your Ideal Computer Programming Job Now

If you’re willing to get started in computer programming and want to see careers available now is the best time. There are fast tracked online bootcamps available if you’re ready to develop the skills needed for this job. If you have expertise in computers already there may be starting positions you can walk right into. American business is investing into employees around the world and there is no better time to get your ideal job. Start an online search today to see what positions may be available.

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