Welding is a vital role in a growing economy but now America is facing a huge welders shortage as older workers head into retirement. There are currently over 375,000 welding jobs available in the USA open to overseas workers.1 Paid training is also available. Spots are limited so best to apply and get started immediately.

welding jobs for foreigners

Welding Keeps An Economy Moving

With the massive $1.2trillion infrastructure bill being passed in the USA construction demand is at an all time high. New projects are being approved across the entire country but there is a current issue which must be resolved quickly. Welders are heading into retirement as the workforce continues to age and new welders are not coming through. There are over 375,000 jobs available in the USA right now for welders and the pay has dramatically increased. In order to get these construction projects happening American companies are hiring abroad.

Stable & Longterm Work

Following a career in welding is not only a good choice financially but the career longevity is expected to be high. The demand for welders around the world is continuing to grow and construction projects are screaming for workers. There is need for welders in all sorts of industries from factory manufacturing, transport, train stations, sporting events and the automotive industry. You will always be able to find work in this industry which is important factor when looking at future careers.

Welders Need No University Degree

Getting started as a welder is quick and easy and the learning curve is not long at all. The beginning jobs in this field help you to learn the trade and as you become better you will be able to work solo. Many top American companies are offering paid training to help boost the roster of employment in the space. Apprenticeships from qualified and skilled welders are the perfect way to get paid while improving your trade as a welder.

Health Insurance May Be Included

Welding jobs like any other trade in the construction industry can have some higher concerns of safety then other jobs. However American government jobs and big scale construction projects give you the benefit of health insurance. Coming to work for these companies will mean you can get access to great health insurance so should anything go wrong top medical treatment is available. However it is always important to check with your employer about your coverage and benefits before the job begins.

Welders Salaries Boost For 2022

The salaries for welders have continued to increase into 2022 as the demand is high. Its very difficult for companies to find welders ready to work right now so the salaries continue to grow to entice workers to try this trade. When starting out you can earn anywhere from $25 to $35 an hour but as you improve your welding skills the salary can increase.2 In fact some top oil and gas companies pay up to $83.49 per hour for welders to work on remote barges off the shoreline.

Opportunity For Self Employment

If you’re a welder or interested in becoming a welder and want to start your own business eventually this is a great starting rout. You can begin working and learn the trade and building codes of the USA and eventually go out and earn your own jobs and income. Welders who are self employed can increase their earning potential very quickly. Sub contracting is a particularly good way to earn a living in America and many overseas workers have taken advantage of this route.

Safety Is Paramount In America

As part of their infrastructure boosting plan, the American construction industry is actively pursuing other alternatives to hire skilled workers who can do the job and pass a background check. This includes H-2B visa holders, migrant workers, ex-felons and refugees who work in the United States under certain conditions of employment.

How To Get A Working Visa?

If you’re approved for a welding job through a company the American government can offer you a working visa. But first you must receive a working notice of employment and then you can apply for a working visa through the US government websites. To find out positions available give an online search.

Males Dominate Welding Industry

With approximately 93.9% of welders being men they really make up the majority of this trade.3 Steps are being taken to encourage more women into this trade by including them on the job site and using them as apprentices.

Find Your Perfect Welding Job Now!

In order to cope with rising demand the initiative of hiring welders is high importance. Top companies around the USA are hiring abroad right now. If you’r from India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Middle East, Pakistan or any other developing country this is a fantastic opportunity. To view the current positions available or to seek paid training try a simple online search.



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