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It’s no secret that tech jobs are some of the highest paying and most popular in the world. But many are simply unaware of the options available without a degree. Over one third of some jobs in the tech industry are held by those with no degree.1 These days if you’re willing to show work ethic, self-study and utilise previous experience landing a job is not as difficult as it seems. The technology industry is undergoing rapid growth and the current job market is saturated with careers that require no degree.

tech job with no degree

Getting A High Paying Tech Job With No Degree

When peering through a job list its important to realise the “requirements” are simply a list for the jobs perfect candidate. However they rarely have impact on the final decision of who gets the job. Now its important to still emphasize the skills you do have, but showing passion towards the field often trumps prior education. Getting your foot in the door at a company even as an entry level worker often leads to lucrative career advancement.

Tech Jobs Available Now With No Further Education

Digital Marketing Manager (Median Salary $69,493)2

Being in charge of a companies marketing and social media is a great task for those without further education. With many people being able to manage their own social media and having an understanding of hot trends there are many perfect candidates. Focusing on increasing sales, reaching a brands audience, keeping them entertained is a key component of business. Managing a brands Facebook, Instagram, website, advertising and other online identities are key parts of this role.

Preferred Skills: For those keen on this position having an understanding of SEO (search engine optimisation), paid social marketing, reading analytics and overseeing creative content.

Content Marketing Specialist (Median Salary $82,059)3

For those with a knack for writing content this could be a dream tech related job. Handling the marketing focused content that will be placed on a companies blog, website, newsletters, emails and social medias post are common tasks of this role. Working in conjunction with a marketing team they can help to relay the information into well readable content.

Preferred Skills: A creative writing mind and ability to keep up with innovating ideas in an ever changing economy to keep an audience intrigued. A basic understanding of HTML or CSS, which are basic website code languages anyone can learn online. If you have an ability to use WordPress or other content management systems is an added bonus to recruiters.

Computer Support Specialist (Median Salary $50,362)4

Computer support specialists work with colleagues and other customers either over the phone or in person. They help to navigate technical difficulties or problems arising from customers using a software or system.

Preferred Skills: Having patient and calm communication skills is vital for this role followed by technical knowledge of the software. Many companies software is actually simple to use once learned so this task is often reported as easy going entry level work.

Junior Web Designer ($52,535)5

A web designer of junior status works as an assistant to more experienced web designers. Helping to correctly format emails, newsletters and generating website designs based on leading architectural advice. You will be working in a design team helping to fulfil a brands identity and continually updating design for content and products.

Preferred Skills: Designers generally use programs like Photoshop, Canva and other creative softwares so basic understanding of these is required. Using basic HTML and CSS coding will be necessary but many skills will be enhanced as the job goes on.

Data Analyst ($69,762)6

The roles of a data analyst include collecting data and other relevant information to find insights. Using surveys, statistics from Facebook or Instagram and other avenues data analysts help to find which data is beneficial to a business. Presenting this data in easy to view formats like infographics or charts is a basic task of this role. Identifying where improvements can be made for a brand and which processes should be continued help to protect a companies future.

Preferred Skills: Having a sharp mind for viewing and reading statistics is a foundation for this role. Understanding excel sheets and how to segment different data into groups which can be learned online. Basic design skills or understanding of software to generate infographics can help to present the data found.

Computer Programmer ($73,469)7

Programmers help to write code for a company or brand to be utilised on a website or apps. A computer programmer does not need to have previous college degrees as coding can be learned from anywhere. Many people have grown up coding their own systems and have passion in the space but never went on to further education for it.

Preferred Skills: Computer programmers will be required to have skills in certain coding languages the company is using. This may include javascript, css, python, solidity and other basic computer coding languages.

Nows The Perfect Time To Land Your Dream Tech Job

If you’re interested in the technology space and have a basic skillset required for one of these jobs the industry is undergoing a boom. There is tremendous career advancement potential for those with a strong work ethic and passion for learning on the job. Recruiters around the nation are ready to hire for 2022 and currently there are many jobs available. To find the best tech jobs that don’t require a degree a search online can reveal those in your locality.

Find High Paying Tech Jobs With No Degree


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