For years now the dental industry has been ripping off consumers with old overpriced technology. But luckily there have been major breakthrough advancements in clear braces – resulting in prices dropping to the cheapest they’ve ever been. The best available prices are here now.


Theres no doubt about it, everyone wants a beautiful smile. But some of us are born with genetics that can bring about crooked, missing or even extra teeth. In fact its believed that upwards of 45% of people require some form of braces to correct their teeth.1

In reality not everyone, especially adults want to endure the awkward feeling and look of excessive metal in their mouth. Instead clear braces (or known as ceramic braces) have emerged in the dental industry allowing for sleek and discreet correction towards a perfect smile. These modern day braces are made from clear materials and are far less noticeable then traditional braces.

So Whats The Difference Between Clear And Traditional Braces?

The only difference that it boils down to is changing the metal wiring to transparent materials, making them invisible to most people. Just like the traditional braces they use a wire and bracket system which overtime tightens and pulls your teeth into place. Clear braces can also be removable, meaning that they can be swapped out for an even more discreet option when desired like clear aligners. Over the duration of wearing clear braces your orthodontist will tighten them. This method allows for very little pain in the process and a gradual correction to a more aesthetic smile.

How Long Do Clear Braces Take To Straighten Your Smile?

The average duration of clear braces ranges anywhere from 12 months all the way to 36 months depending on the severity of correction needed.2 Most patients will have procedures that last 12-18 months.

Benefits of Clear Braces

Confidence Boosting: Like mentioned above most adults find it embarrassing to wear traditional braces, it’s not a great look with a mouthful of wire. You can even have clear braces set to the exact same natural color of your teeth.

Faster Alignment: Ceramic braces can work much faster to align your teeth.

Less Painful: Furthermore, those who have tried both metal and clear braces tend to say that the clear braces are not as painful to wear. The braces can be made of materials like ceramic, porcelain, or plastic. Using these high quality materials can make it less likely that you’ll have to have them replaced later on from damages. Another benefit of using high quality materials is it can be less harsh on your cheeks and gums.

Disadvantages of Clear Braces

Bigger Size: Invisible braces tend to use bigger brackets in their system which can make it harder to clean around.

May Break Easier: Another noticeable con to clear braces is the materials used compared to metal wiring may break or damage easier. Slight adjustments over the duration of wearing the braces can cause breakage in the material, which could in turn lead to overall longer wearing time.

Higher Cost: An obvious disadvantage to clear braces is increased costs over the traditional metal counterparts. However with this practice being more common across the nation the prices are not as different as they used to be. In fact many local dentists will offer great financing deals on clear braces, they may also be partly covered by your dental insurance policy.

Foods You Should Try Keep Away From When Using Clear Braces

Now you shouldn’t feel like you can’t indulge in your favorite foods at all in your journey with braces, but be careful not to overdo it. Some certain foods are known for discoloring ceramic braces undoing all the effort to remain discreet.

Coffee & Tea: Like the sugary drinks, you may also want to slow down your coffee and tea use. These drinks contain tannins which are known to leave pigmentations, which in turn can stain your clear braces over time.

Spicy Soups & Curries: Eating foods with spices that are brightly colored can also lead to staining of your braces. Spices like turmeric are culprits of yellow stains.

High Sugar & Fizzy Drinks:  Fruit juice, cordial, sodas and other colored drinks can stain your braces when consumed regularly. When using braces it is a good idea to slow consumption of these certain drinks. However if you feel the need to quench your thirst with a popular beverage you should try using a straw.

Certain Fruits:  Now we don’t want you to stop eating fruit at all, its far too healthy for that. But perhaps being aware of certain fruits that contain small seeds or pigmentation qualities that can become trapped in your braces. Citrus fruits and berries can still be consumed however we suggest limiting their use to once or twice a week.

Finding The Best Local Dentist Deal For Clear Braces

If you think ceramic braces are an option you’d like to learn more about then an online search can reveal local orthodontists with great reviews ready to service you.

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