According to Experian data the average British credit score in 2021 was 759.1 Having a low credit score can impact your life on many levels making it harder to keep up with society. A range of credit cards are now available for instant approval with quick online applications. These cards have many benefits so to find the best available interest rates and rewards programs near you try a simple online search.

Instant CC in UK

Why Credit Cards Are Becoming Even More Popular?

Credit cards are nothing new, in fact they first began use in as early as 1920 when stores began to credit loyal customers. Since this time we’ve seen a big evolution in the space with it now being easier than ever before to get a quality credit card. The problem for so many was the application process but now with advanced AI systems applications are automatically processed for some available credit cards. In fact according to the UK Cards Association in 2016 32.3million people were using a credit card.2

The Benefits Of Using A Credit Card In 2022

  • Multiple Currency Accounts – If your credit card plan has multiple currency available you can save a lot of unnecessary fees and use the one card for all transactions.. If you are travelling abroad then why not try and use a credit card for a transaction as a way of saving more money than what you already do.
  • Instant Approval – With so many new advancements in technology now you can apply for a credit card on your phone instantly and it may be approved within minutes.
  • Rewards – You can now earn rewards for using your credit card so why not consider one of the brands below which have great reward programs. Travel points, hotel points, food items and department stores all have great programs for credit card users.
  • Build or Rebuild Your Credit Score – If you have a low credit score then using a credit card can help you to rebuild your score as it will show lenders that you can responsibly use a credit product. This will allow you to apply for other financial products or loans at some later point in time.

The Top 4 Instant Approval Cards In The UK

Tesco Bank Foundation Card3

The Tesco Bank Foundation Card is a fantastic option for someone looking to build their credit with a quick approval card. There are no monthly fees associated with this card and with a minimum balance amount of £100 its easily accessed by most customers. If you have a minimum income of £5000 then applying is simple on their website. With APRs available at 27.5% it is a fairly suitable option for those wanting to get a credit card promptly.

Keebo Credit Card4

Keebo is a newer player in the credit card game offering unique opportunities for those with fair credit. This card comes with no annual fees and requires a minimum £200 starting balance on the card and up to £5000. This card is really geared towards those wanting to rebuild credit with a safe interest rate of 27.98% APR. Offering up to 56 days for purchases interest free period it can help to boost your personal cash low.

Marbles Classic Credit Card5

The Marbles Classic Credit Card allows you to check eligibility of approval without any effect on your credit score. It also offers no annual fees making it accessible to many customers with lower than average credit scores. You can manage your account online with their amazing user dashboard and they use a Mastercard system making it useable around the world. It does however have a 34.9% APR which is higher than the other options but it still a solid choice for instant approvals.

HSBC Classic Credit Card6

HSBC is a gigantic banking corporation which offers many credit card options for customers. Some of these cards require longer process of application but the Classic Credit Card is accessible to the majority of the public. It also offers no annual fees and up to £1000 opening balance. The big bonus of this card is the access to HSBC global discounts in the home&away program by HSBC which you can view more on their website. They offer 24/7 customer support, banking around the world and no ATM fees for HSBC ATMS globally. The APR is set at 29.9% and it offers a 56 day interest free billion period.

Get An Instant Approval Credit Card Now

There are so many options available for credit cards in 2022 in the United Kingdom which can make it difficult to select the right one for you. From ranging interest rates, to surprise fees and changing rewards programs its important to select the right one to save money in the longterm. If you’re ready to apply for an instant approval credit card and want the best available interest rates in your locality use a simple online search.

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