Due to the current global situation, late model cars are now more affordable then ever. With a huge overstock of unsold inventory – dealerships across the nation have a massive amount of 2020 models that MUST GO. Savvy internet users are now taking the opportunity to get a brand new car at unbelievable deals while they last.


The automotive industry we all know is not one to stand still… literally. Every year there is major change in available technology throughout new cars which can often leave the everyday consumer with a headache of options. This article will take the hassle out of understanding the key changes that are noticeable in the latest models.

1. The Rise of Alternative Fuelling

Among the many emerging trends for 2021, one standout is the domination of electric cars- Tesla, Nissan Leaf and Porsche Taycan (which were available in late stages of 2020 but slower delivering then expected) – and environmentally friendly practices such as hybridisation. Following the massive success of electric vehicles (EV) in 2019, manufacturers are now looking at alternative ways to power cars – trying to not only improve performance but also make these models more efficient and environment friendly.

The prospect of a hydrogen-fuelled future is also becoming a reality as Nissan revealed its new model using this as its primary source of energy rather than the common lithium-ion batteries. Many major countries around the world are pushing initiatives to continue growth in this space to help battle climate change issues and move to more renewable practices.1

2. What models are changing in 2021?

The Audi A1, BMW 1 Series, Citroen C3 and Renault Zoe all come to mind. If you’re looking at big-ticket items, then there’s the Porsche Taycan and Tesla Electric Car as noted above. All of these cars are very different from each other, with a range of engines and costs to go with it. This is why it is so important to research the different options and find out the best specs for your car. As far as models are changing, so are the under the hood specifics of our favourite models. More advanced in-car technology will be available as manufacturers work to make cars more efficient and environmentally friendly.


Battery Charge Levels: Cars like the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Electric Car are all about the power of a single battery. This year they’re improving their charge levels, making them more accessible for everyday usage.

Regenerative Braking: Regenerative braking is becoming standard on many cars this year – using an individual wheel to move energy forward rather than just one in an electric car.

Air Suspension: This is expected to become a lot more common this year as it improves performance and reduces vibrations while driving, increasing comfort for long journeys.2

What Color Trends and Other Aesthetic Changes Are Rising?

Look we know there is not a set answer to this as everyone has their own personal preference. This often reflects in not only how a customer wants the outdoor appearance of their car, but also the inside detailing. But like the privacy we all wish to keep in our lives, it too has filtered down into our car choices. More people are opting for “social camouflage” color pallets and darker tinted windows.

German-based automotive coatings manufacturer BASF has released its annual Automotive Colour Trends for 2020-21 and has predicted we’ll see the rise of cars in shades of “greyish green, warm beige and coarse grey”. Every year the BASF conducts an annual report and uses macro trend analysis to predict the paint shades automotive designers will use over the incoming three-to-five model years, and the given design brief for the next generation of vehicles appears to be all about “projecting a positive mood”. As such, BASF says the three most dominant global colours for the next generation of cars will be ‘Social Camouflage’, which is a light khaki grey-green, ‘Pundits Solution’, which is a warm, golden beige, and ‘Dark Seltzer’, a coarse, dark grey.3

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