Every year the UK government releases grants available to industries of their interest. From solar panels and home renovations, online education and small business there is free money available to many citizens. In fact last year the government spent a whopping £258 billion on grants to UK citizens.1 Do you qualify for any government grants? – it couldn’t be more simpler to check and enjoy the benefits today by starting an online search.

Government Grants

Government Grants Make Citizens Rejoice

Grants by the government help to stimulate economy and drive policy handed down by policy makers. Increasing spending and subsidising costs in certain fields is a way of meeting citizens’ needs and stimulating growth in specific sectors. Many home owners have reaped the benefits of home repairs grants and also energy saving costs which have been a major focus.

Governments Green Choice

In recent years there has been focused emphasis on sustainable energy choices and solar panels has been one of the hot topics. Solar panels are seen to last for 25 years or more on homes so its considered a viable option for homes in the UK. The main solar panel grant available in the UK is the Renewables Obligation.2 If you meet the right criteria and requirements you may be eligible for up to 70% cash back on solar panel installation on your home.

Charity Grants Make The Heart Smile

The National Emergency Trust or NET is the United Kingdom’s official charity which provides funding for victims of disasters.3 Whether you are a citizen in distress or an organisation who is working with victims of disasters the NET is here to help. Every year they provide millions of pounds in grants to those who need it most. You can also give back and support the NET by making a donation or becoming an ambassador.

Repairs For Your Home Under Grants

When it comes to home repairs there is a large amount of options available for grants. As mentioned earlier there is an emphasis on energy saving so if you’re able to provide evidence to how repairs could help save your home energy you may receive funding. The different home repairs options which may receive funding include insulation of external or internal walls. Room in roof insulation, hot water pumps, air source heat pumps, smart meter installations, double glazed windows, solar panels and even draught proofing.

What About Healthcare Grants?

If you are a citizen with an illness, disability or impairment there is also financial support available. The Personal Independence Payment (PIP) supports those who qualify for help. Other healthcare grants focus on helping people receive a home health care or equipment they need to live a fulfilled life. If you or a loved one is in need of monetary help there are health care grants available to assist you. The NHS offers specific funding for different ailments so you should contact them to see if there is available funding for your condition.

Small Business Grants Available

In recent years small business has been greatly affected by the economy and certain situations which have seen the closure and slow down of business. The government continues to supply grants for small business that is struggling or areas of interest in Start ups. These small business needs assistance because they have the potential to grow and help towards the economy. If you are a small business or own a home in need of funding there are many government grants available this year.

See Which Government Grants You’re Eligible For

With so many grants available many of them simply go under the radar for most citizens as they’re not advertised well. There are literally hundreds of different grants available this year and much of the set aside money is not utilised. To find out which grants you may be eligible for start an online search.

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