For a long time the cost of mobility scooters have been out of reach for those who need them the most. With 1.7million residents in America requiring motorised scooters recent advances in technology has dropped prices to a much more affordable rate.1 To view the latest models at subsidised pricing try an online search.

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6.8 Million Americans Now Require Assisted Devices For Mobility

With many health conditions on the rise more Americans than ever before require the use of assisted transport machines. Many people can still get by simply by using crutches, walkers or canes but for some this simply does not suffice. Being unable to move without assistance is an incredibly debilitating condition which can affect the mental health of a patient severely.

What Is A Mobility Scooter?

A mobility scooter is a more recent invention which mainly uses electrical power to aid people in transportation. These machines generally have a speed limit of 4 to 8 mph greatly improving the quality of life for those with disabilities. They have a steering function similar to a bike making it very easy for those to use them. The most common reason for someone not having access to one has been price but now they’re much more affordable. The added benefit of electrical power means they can be charged at your own home making it super easy to keep mobile everyday.

The Biggest Benefits Of Using A Mobility Scooter?

  • Increased Quality Of Life – One of the biggest impacts a mobility scooter has for those who require one is the increased quality of life. Instead of being trapped at home or not being able to adventure outside is incredibly depressing for those. Social life is an important aspect to mental health and the recent pandemic has proved challenging for the elderly or disabled. Having access to a mobility scooter allows people to get outside in the fresh air and sunlight whenever they please.
  • No License Required – You do not need a license to operate a mobility scooter making them easily accessible to all people. They have a slower speed limit so no limitations have been placed on those who can operate this vehicle.
  • Travel Appropriate – Another amazing aspect of mobility scooters is they can be transported anywhere you go so vacationing is back on the agenda. You can carry mobility scooters on trains, planes and taxis that are specifically catered for moving these vehicles. A mobility scooter can help to make a vacation more pleasant offering easier access to those who need.
  • Regaining Independence – Having access to a mobility scooter has been known to greatly improve someones independence. Being able to access supermarkets and stores on your own reveals a new sense of life that is often missing when always needing to depend on someone else.

What To Look Out For When Choosing A Mobility Scooter?

With so many models available in todays market it can be difficult to know which model is right for you. Some simple points to observe include:

  • Battery Life – Opting for a mobility scooter which is energy saving and has a long battery life is important to not breakdown mid journey. Many options today come with long battery lives which can exceed 8 hours so a big day out is not off the cards anymore.
  • Comfortable – Making sure the seat is comfortable for your body type is important. People come in all shapes and sizes so making sure the pedals and handlebars fit nicely is important to accomodate your needs.
  • Wheel Quality – Depending on where your residency is will determine what sort of terrain your vehicle will endure. There are models which are built more for city living and others with more durable wheels for gravel or grass patches some people will require them for.

Will Your Insurance Cover A Mobility Scooter?

A really important question to ask is whether or not your insurance policy will cover a mobility scooter. We can’t say whether or not it will for you as each policy is different to another but contacting your provider and explaining your situation may offer a reduction in price. This reduction may be specific to a certain model you can receive but its always worth checking to see how much you can save. There are multiple insurance premiums which may cover it including Medicare.

View The Latest Mobility Scooters At Discounted Rates

If you’re someone who requires a mobility scooter or shopping for someone in need then knowing the best model is important. To view the best deals available online for mobility scooters there are catalogues available which help to list all the features of models available. You can view the best models with a simple online search.

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