For many years making international phone calls has left a giant hole in the callers wallet. Thankfully advancing technology has created a solution that can save you up to 90% on international phone bills.1 VOIP or “Voice Over Internet Protocol” is booming across North America and for the best software available right now try an online search.

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So What Exactly Is VOIP?

VOIP has been slowly gaining recognition on the internet as a proven technology that lets anyone communicate over an internet connection. With broadband connections becoming stronger and faster its quickly become the preferred method of calling. More consumers are turning to using VOIP as it offers a much faster, smoother connection than traditional phone lines. In fact not only is faster and easier to hear the other person but its incredibly cheap compared to traditional telecommunication phone lines.

How Does It Work?

Essentially VOIP is not that new at all but its mainstream popularity is hitting all time highs. Most people are aware of an “IP Address” which is a unique digit address to identify your computers internet connection point. Simply put your “IP address” is your “Protocol Address” so using your internet connection becomes your new phone line. It has now become extremely easy for everyone to use VOIP as its a basic download onto your computer and simply dial the number you want to ring.

The Benefits Of Using VOIP

  • Much Lower Cost – Using VOIP as your main telephone line can save you thousands in the long run. American citizens have encountered expensive phone bills as ringing neighbouring countries meant dealing with different telecommunication companies. VOIP streamlines this process and you can literally call anyone worldwide for as low as $0.01.2
  • Higher Quality – Sometimes when calling overseas it can be hard to understand what the other person is saying on the phone. The muffling sound and fuzziness has caused frustration for expensive calls as you can’t even hear what is being said. Using VOIP and the capabilities of high speed broadband means the majority of calls will be crystal clear quality.
  • Increased Mobility – One of the best things about VOIP is that you can travel without having to negotiate or connect to a new telecom provider. As long as you have an internet connection available on your laptop or mobile phone you can use VOIP from where. That means if you’re travelling on the train or getting a flight to another country simply using WIFI can get you connected on the VOIP system.
  • Very Reliable – There are many features to VOIP which a normal phone line can not offer. In fact you can set up your VOIP that if you miss a call it can be forwarded from your laptop to your mobile phone directly. Its very hard to miss a call even when you’re not at home using VOIP and you can also set up answering machine services too which will log all incoming calls.

Is It Easy To Setup?

VOIP software has come a long way in the last decade and what used to be difficult to use has now become mainstream. As long as you have a reliable internet connection which most broadband connections are these days you’re ready to go. You simply pick the VOIP service provider you would like to use and their simple design will make it a breeze to call your family or best friend for cheap rates.

VOIP Is For Business Owners Too

If you’re someone who owns a business and want to jump on the huge savings on offer from VOIP services now is the best opportunity. VOIP helps businesses from small to big operations help to increase their work force and customer support without breaking the bank. It has traditionally been a very expensive model for staff to use international phone calls but with VOIP its a unnoticeable expense to your bottom line.

What Are Some Popular VOIP Software?

In 2022 there are many competitive VOIP software brands and more are being created as we speak. Some companies that are notably worth mentioning are RingCentral, Slack and Skype. Many people are familiar with Skype which is the popular messaging platform using an internet connection. Slack is a business and project management tool and actually has built in VOIP to help connect employees but also friends around the world.

Start Using VOIP Today And Save Lots Of Money

In 2022 more consumers are jumping on the trend of VOIP and turning their backs to expensive telecommunication giants. You no longer need to spend large amounts of money to call friends and family overseas. Its simple and easy to setup and you can begin making calls right away with crystal clear quality. To view the best VOIP providers and software for instant download try an online search.

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