Protein plays a vital role in maintaining our overall health and wellbeing especially as we age. A recent study has found that a whopping 46% of adults don’t consume enough protein daily.1 It is now very simple to boost your daily protein intake to the right level simply by adding a protein shake made from real food. Not only are they delicious and available in a huge range of flavours, but they’re sustainably sourced too. To view the best protein shakes for your health today at discounted rates try a simple online search.

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Protein Is An Essential Building Block Of Health

Many people overlook protein from the myths that they will become chunky or muscular but this is so far from the truth. In fact protein is needed by every single human and organism on the planet. Protein actually comes from the word “proteos” which means “primary” or “first place”. Protein is made up of a range of amino acids which can make up thousands of different combinations in the body. The average adult human should be aiming for at least 0.8g of protein per kilogram of bodyweight.2

If You Want To Live Longer Eat More Protein

Ageing has always been considered a complex process with many factors affecting how long our lives are. From genetics to environmental factors the list is long but recently research has found a big component is the amino acid intake. Our lives can be extended dramatically simply by boosting our protein as the amino acids can help to stop “stress responses”.3

Protein Is A Messenger In The Body

Proteins can be made and excreted in the body by endocrine tissues and then transported in your blood to their target organs and tissues. They make up the building blocks of hormones which are extremely important to the health of your body. If you lack these hormones your health will begin to deteriorate in a range of problems from low bone mass, weak muscles and even mental health instability.

Protein Shakes Are High Quality Proteins

It is important to understand that not all proteins are created equal. As we discussed earlier protein is made up of amino acids and they’re classes as branch chain amino acids and essential amino acids. Some foods called “complete proteins” contain the whole set of amino acids, where as some protein rich foods only contain a few amino acids. Your body requires the complete 20 amino acids for its daily functions so choosing high quality proteins is important.

The Flavors Available Today Are Delicious

With recent technology upgrades in the food industry never before has there been such a delicious range of flavours. The easy mixing ability of the ingredients makes it mix with liquids into a rich milkshake consistency. With such flavours as apple pie, cookies and cream, chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla maple, salted caramel and blueberry dream. Instead of chewing down meat or eggs you can enjoy a desert tasting treat that is loaded with high quality proteins.

What Are The Highest Quality Proteins?

When it comes to choosing protein the highest absorbing rates will help to hit your protein daily goals easily. The best foods for complete proteins are chicken, beef, turkey, fish, whole eggs, milk, cheese and whey based protein shakes. Whey based protein shakes have been proven to be absorbed up to 3x better then a cooked egg.4 One of the most overlooked aspects of using protein shakes is how easy it is to boost your protein. Often eating a palm sized portion of chicken may give you 20g of protein where as a simply 8oz glass of protein shake can give you a whopping 35g!

How Much Protein Can You Absorb Per Meal?

Another interesting point about protein absorption is how much your body can breakdown in one meal. Breaking up your protein intake in 2 to 3 meals will help your body assimilate the nutrients at a better rate. You could simply have 2 whole eggs for breakfast, a chicken sandwich for lunch with a protein shake and a piece of fish with vegetables for dinner to easily hit your protein goals.

Important For Immunity Strength

Now proteins are not just used for hormones in your body or recovering sore muscles after exercising but they are paramount in your immune system. Proteins help your body fight infections by forming antibodies and immunoglobulins and when foreign cells enter your body these quickly go to fight them off. If you have a low protein diet there is a high chance you’re also deficient in vitamin E, selenium, zinc and copper which need protein to be absorbed properly.

Choose Your Favorite Protein Flavour Today!

To boost your daily protein intake its important to select foods that are rich in absorbable protein. Having a range of foods is always considered a healthy diet to get a complete range of nutrients. However if you’re finding it hard to hit your daily protein goals and want to boost it easy than a tasty protein shake will help you. To view the best rates of online deals for protein shakes delivered straight to your door try a simple online search.

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