Chances are you’ve probably got a cabinet full of supplements for you own health, but have you ever stopped to think about your canine buddy? It’s now estimated that over 30% of dog owners in America are using health supplements for their beloved pets.1 But how can we seperate the snake oil from the real beneficial supplements – all whilst getting the best bang for our buck? Lets dive deep into the furry friends trends of this year and discover the best dog supplements available now.

best supplements for dogs

Ensuring Your Dog’s Wellbeing

Now the basis of health for a dog is just like a human being and its foundations are in a healthy diet. Regardless of which supplement you choose for your dog its important first that their dietary needs are covered. Domesticated dogs are largely carnivores however they flourish on an omnivorous diet. Choosing labels of pet food that contain only natural ingredients is paramount to keep away the nasty factory additives. A diet based around animal meats whether fresh, raw or cooked is most beneficial but rice, potatoes and other starchy vegetables can help to supply more nutrients.

21% Increase In Pet Spending During The Pandemic

With lockdowns in place across most states, isolation at home actually meant a lot more time with the pets. According to the PetFoodIndustry a 21% increase in pet related product purchasing has been recorded. But where is all this extra money being spent on? Dog supplements are on a huge incline and there is a good reason why.

Does My Dog Require Extra Vitamins?

To maintain good health a dog needs several vitamins and nutrients to help facilitate healthy body functions. Some of the major components to a healthy dogs metabolism include:

Vitamin A: To help with vision, immune function, brain development and a healthy coat it serves as a pillar of a canine health.
Vitamin E: Helping to protect against cell damage and immunity.
Vitamin D, Calcium & Phosphorous: These three vitamins and minerals play key roles in the development of strong bones, healthy teeth and well developed muscles.
Zinc and Magnesium: Aids in boosting enzyme function and the metabolization of protein and carbohydrates in a dogs diet.

Without adequate nutrition a dog can suffer poor growth, lethargy, diarrhea, skin lesions, ticks & fleas, appetite loss, weakness and many other health problems.

The Top Dog Supplements Of This Year

Harmony Dog Supplement

With a recent study of 13,715 dogs finding that an astonishing 72.5% of them having anxiety like behaviours pet owners are aiding to their needs.2 Such causes as fear, separation and ageing can contribute towards a dogs anxiety but thankfully there is supplements that are showing huge benefits. One of the most popular anxiety supplements online right now for dogs is the Harmony dog supplement.

Made by “Front Of The Pack” this innovative non drowsy calming supplement can help to promote relaxed feelings in under 90 minutes. Using only natural ingredients in forms of nootropics which is a buzzing industry for humans too, this supplement is proving its worth.

Salmon Oil For Dogs

Salmon oil is an incredible supplement that is not just for canines but humans too. Salmon is naturally rich in Omega 3’s which are essential fatty acids for metabolic health. When given to your doggy friend salmon oil can help to prevent skin allergies, prevent inflammation, support and assist in healthy brain function, add incredible shine to the coat, fight against cancer and support immunity health. Adding salmon oil to your dogs diet is so simple as you can top their food with it and many dogs will devour it in seconds.

If you’re looking for the best budget buys of salmon oil then many brands of salmon oil for dogs are found on Amazon. Using a dosage of 4-8ml for smaller dogs and 12-16ml for larger dogs is recommended but the brand you purchase will allocate their appropriate dosage guidelines.

The One Supplement

Another revolutionary product offered by “Front Of The Pack” is called The One. This blend contains clinically proven ingredients that offer over 8 benefits in the one supplement which is a very popular choice by dog owners. Focusing on a range of quality natural ingredients this supplement helps to aid in overall health for your dog. It assists in relieving hip and joint stiffness, promotes mental sharpness, aids in healthy digestion, supports healthy heart function and can reduce plaque and gum diseases. They have over 100,000 happy customers and reviews so this supplement is a great choice to cover all bases of dogs health.

Beef & Chicken Liver Supplements

Few foods on the planet get a dogs tail wagging as much as liver. If you don’t like to go to local butchers to prepare your own liver focused dishes then using a liver supplement is a potent health boost. Liver contains many dense nutrients like copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B12 and folate. It works as a natural multi vitamin and many dog supplement brands have a product of this nature.

Probiotics For Dogs

Probiotics as you probably are already aware are “good” types of bacteria that help to promote a healthy digestive system. Since the majority of the immune system is based around the health of the gut its very important to make sure the balance is there. According to leading veterinary specialists some of the best probiotic strains for dogs are Enterococcus faecium, Bacillus coagulans, Bifidobacterium animalis and Lactobacillus acidophilus.3 Probiotics for dogs can be found for very affordable rates on Amazon or other leading dog marketplaces.

Your Dog Will Love You For It!

So as you can see a healthy diet is just one part of the puzzle of having the best health for your canine friend. Emerging studies reveal that dogs can suffer anxiety just like us and without proper nutrition other health ailments can arise. Focusing first on healthy diet for dogs is the best choice but adding in certain supplements can truly benefit overall health. If you’re on a budget and looking for the most popular but effective supplements for dogs then an online search can help to reveal great deals.

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