It’s never been uncommon for teenagers or young adults to consider braces. But now there is increasing demand from adults and seniors too. Several huge breakthroughs in technology has made correcting teeth virtually pain free and most importantly some of the cheapest deals around. You can now achieve your straighter smile without a mouth full of metal thanks to clear aligners.

There is simply no reason why you can’t consider the option of clear aligners after 50 to fix crooked teeth. Finding local experts with cost effective plans has never been easier with this custom search:


What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a series of clear plastic trays that you wear over your entire set of teeth. Almost like a clear mouthguard they sit comfortably on your teeth with others barely able to see any difference.1 They move your teeth over time with the help of plastic that is tooth colored and removable that is bonded to the backside. Typically a dentist will change out one tray every 3-4 weeks as you progress, allowing for gradual movement as your dentist applies different amounts of pressure to each tooth. It’s a new and innovative way for seniors to achieve perfect smiles with zero oral pain.

Why Do Clear Aligners Take Longer Then Traditional Braces?

The reason clear aligners take longer is because the dentist needs to apply pressure to each tooth as they move them. Over time as your teeth shift, so does your bite. For example, if you have a misaligned tooth, it may come into contact with other teeth during chewing and talking. This can cause pain so eventually you will lose your solid bite and speech problems will occur. It’s a slow process over a period of months but once complete, you have an amazing smile that lasts a lifetime.

Another factor to consider is adult teeth are more set then younger teeth and can take longer to get desired results. But with the treatment being less invasive and barely noticeable to the public its a desired option for many seniors.

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

Subtle Treatment: Clear aligners are a very subtle form of teeth alignment as it will not change your day to day life. The clear appearance with no metal makes it a seamless method for achieving a better smile without pain or mouth full of metal.

More Comfortable: Compared to traditional braces which use metal and tightening over time clear aligners don’t cause discomfort in the mouth. Metal of braces can sometimes cause abrasions to the skin.

Eat Whatever: With clear aligners there is no need to change your diet. Traditional braces often come with a list of foods you should try to avoid which can damage your braces or food become lodged in the spaces.

Easy To Clean: Considering clear aligners are simply a removable mouth guard covering your teeth they’re very easy to keep clean. Just simply take them off your teeth and rinse under water or apply the specific cleaning liquid your orthodontist will supply.2

Fewer Dental Trips: You will only need to have your clear aligners adjusted a few times in your whole treatment.

Are Clear Aligners Expensive?

Because we all have unique dental imprints its hard to gauge a rough cost for clear aligners. Compared to traditional braces they’re very cost effective though. The two most important factors that determine the cost of clear aligners are:

– The extent of the teeth that need to be corrected
– The number of clear aligners you will require throughout the treatment

Seniors Qualify For Clear Aligners Discounts?

Seniors are often able to get discount on their treatment. Many insurance providers will offer benefits and plans to help seniors align their teeth. Speaking with your doctor or orthodontist can help determine which sort of treatment you will require then you can begin to navigate prices.

Clear Aligners Are A Great Choice For Seniors

You should not let your age trick you into believing you can’t achieve a more aligned smile. If you’re over 50 then clear aligners are emerging as a truly viable method to fix misplaced teeth and can even prevent future dental operations. To find the most affordable deals from qualified experts in your area use this simple online search: