With a shortage of qualified truck drivers US transport companies are now urgently hiring drivers abroad. The best time to find a trucking job is now.

America has been dealing with a lack of skilled drivers for years but with the recent pandemic logistics are at crisis levels.1 “If we’re not able to haul these goods, our economy virtually shuts down.”

Trucks are responsible for the majority of the land freight movement in the United States with the market being worth $791.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.2 If you’re a foreign worker looking for work in America this is a situation you should take advantage of.

The USA Depends On Truck Drivers

128.5 million households, Over 7.9 million business establishments and 90,000 government establishments are all parts of an economy that requires one vital connection – Truck Drivers. With the expansion of economic and population activity due to the 16.6% population rise from 2000 to 2019 the system has hit crisis points with a shortage of skilled drivers.

US Trucking Requirements

To be able to work as a truck driver in the United States a heavy vehicle driving license will be required. CDL or otherwise known as a commercial driver’s license is a government issued license which you can obtain from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Your employer can give you information about this and many schools for trucking offer training for the CDL. There is a minimum age requirement of 18 years old, but if your work is cross-state freight then 21 is the minimum age requirement. A clean driving record is ideal for employers to have higher interest in choosing you for employment.

Work Visa Approval?

To receive a work visa for the USA you will first require a job offer from an employer in the USA. Without a job offer and an employer to sponsor you, you can’t apply for the visa.

How To Qualify For High Paying Trucking Jobs?

To be considered for the nations high paying freight moving jobs certain skillsets are required. The more experience you have with heavy vehicles the more favored for these specific roles.

Greater Risks: Jobs have higher degree of danger involved. Icey roads, long duration etc
Incident Free: A clean driving record.
More Liability: With greater risk, comes more liability.
Remote Areas: Some truck driving jobs demands working in a remote or sparsely populated area.
Higher Skills: Complex skillset required specific to the specialized mode of transport.
Driving Experience: Employers often demand more experienced truck drivers with over 5 years heavy truck experience. (Also may require successful CDL experience with no incidents on their driving record.)

Highest Paying Truck Driver Jobs

Ice Road: Ice roads are often high accident prone areas and require very skilled drivers. These certain roles can be the highest paying in the country. Extreme temperatures, changing conditions and slippery roads are certain challenges faced with this employment.

Snow Removal: Snow removal jobs can be found in areas like Alaska and Utah. There is a long way to move snow from one place to another, lasting for days on end with heavy amounts of snow.

Supermarket Logistics: The transportation of perishable goods with certain brands demand key parts of the distribution system to operate. Favoured national brands like Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Foodlion and more are ready to hire international drivers.

Fuel Tanker: Fuel tanker jobs are found all across the nation, transporting fuel from source to destination. There are many factors involved with this job which makes it high-risk. It should be noted that the particular particular region should have a gas line system before applying for this type of work to keep constant employment.

Retail Distribution for Retailers: Distribution jobs are quite popular in the country due to the amount of retail stores open across many towns, cities and states. Fulfilling orders is also required with this role.

Mining Industry: Mining companies are needed to transport rocks or minerals from place to place. It is not uncommon for trucks to be used in the mines, with mining companies often needing workers on standby.

Dangerous Chemical Transportation: To operate a dangerous chemical truck drivers must hold a special endorsement. These jobs require special permits from the FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The tanker, trailer and the entire vehicle must be constructed to a higher safety standard to ensure safety for all involved.

Military Deployed: Military deployment is another high-risk position within the logistics industry. Soldiers are deployed all across the world, both military and non-military positions, which requires logistical transport of supplies essential for deployment.

These US Logistic Companies Are Hiring Now

To offset the truck driving crisis in the United States an initiative to hire abroad workers is fully underway. With demand across all states and many industries finding different employers is simple with an online search.


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