Psychologists have been a heavily demanded career for decades that comes with high job satisfaction. With salaries of over $111,154 it is a high earning occupation.1 Top universities in Australia are now offering world class education at heavily discounted rates. Spots are highly limited so to view what is available now simply search online.

psychology degree in australia

Why Pursue A Psychology Degree?

Many psychologists report loving what they do. Being able to help people solve mental conditions and traumas greatly impacts peoples lives. Although it can be stressful at times like any other career its very proud work that comes with a big sense of gratitude. Psychologists essentially are those candidates who enjoy helping people.

What Skills Do Psychologists Need?

A good psychologist should have an open mind and be able to think for themselves rather than follow the crowd. A willingness to leave the comfort of home and walk a mile in another persons shoes is also of great benefit. A good psychologist must also have high emotional intelligence, compassion, patience and a willingness to adapt to any situation. Also having a genuine desire to work with people is essentially all you need.

What Are The Career Choices?

There are great careers for anyone who pursues a psychology degree. What ever the condition or trauma, psychologists can find it somewhere to help people. A large percentage of jobs are in the health sector however there is plenty of work in education, sport, government and retail. Almost every industry you can imagine can use the skills of a psychologist. The average salary for a psychology degree holder is $109,285.

Studying In Australia

Australia has long been one of the highest rated education systems for psychologists. With many states including Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania offering paid for courses in psychology. Many international students are happy with the high standard of education they receive and the high quality of learning facilities they have access to.

Advantages Of Studying In Australia

Australia offers a wide variety of course types in psychology. From personal growth and coaching to forensic science, sports counselling and health psychology. Some courses also offer internships so students can get a taste of work before graduation. Australia offers some of the best degree programs in psychology and has many graduates moving on to top jobs all around the world.

Is Australian Psychology Degrees Recognised Globally?

Of course. Australian education systems are top tier and recognised globally and in fact are considered one of the preferred forms of education for employers. As one of the best in the world there is hardly any competition Australia must compete with. Students that study psychology in Australia have little to worry about when graduating and moving abroad.

Are There Scholarships Available?

Yes. Some courses require enrolment for a scholarship however there are still many available for international students. With so many massive savings it is well worth applying for a small handful of spots available on the best courses.

The 4 Basics Goals Of Psychology

The study of psychology has four primary goals which are Describe, Explain, Predict, and Change/Control. These are the basics goals which should be followed in any psychology degree program. This is how all psychology degrees should be taught so that graduates get a solid base of knowledge and understanding before they go out in the real world.

Flexible Working Hours

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 29% of psychologists are self employed and work on their own schedules.2 If you work for a few years in a normal psychologist clinic and open your own practice the earning potential dramatically rises and hours become much more flexible.

How To Apply Now For Psychology Degrees In Australia

With many top universities and colleges doing cheap online degrees in psychology, its never been easier to get into this prestigious career. With such high demand for psychologists, people who are considering this career should consider getting a degree as soon as possible. Spots are highly limited for new year and mid year intakes. If you think psychology is the perfect occupation for you and want to learn more about obtaining a degree simply search online.

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