Both women and men love to visit a hairdresser to keep their hair maintained and beautiful. The hairdresser job market is set to increase 13% by 2026 and there are over 119,800 jobs available right now.1 To see the latest full time and paid training hairdressers offerings in the United States for foreigners try a simple online search.

hairdresser jobs in america for foreigners

Hairdressers Are In Demand

Employment of hairdressers is projected to grow faster than the average of most other occupations in America over the next few years. This is because of high demand of hair coloring, hair straightening and other advanced hair treatments. Hairdresser salons and barber stores around America are flourishing with new business but finding staff has been a long standing issue. To curb this demand more stores are hiring overseas with major success hiring from India, Pakistan, Africa and Middle East as some popular employment areas.

California and Florida Lead The Way

The most hairdressers employed right now are in California and Florida which are very sunny states and appetising for living. Many foreigners have heard of these states and they can be fantastic places to live or even raise a family. Hairdressing will allow for long stable employment and for the right skilled people an opportunity of a lifetime is here. Some states that are very short on hairdressers include Oklahoma, Delaware, Nevada and Maine.

No Former Education Required

The best part about being a hairdressers is you don’t need any university or college education to begin. If you already have hairdressing skills and know how to cut hair than you’re already ahead of others for employment chance. However if you require some improvement of your skills when cutting hair there is paid training available. Some hairdresser saloons will take on new employees who will help to clean and sweep the floors whilst learning how to cut hair in the process. Currently in America 31% of hairdressers are only high school educated and 16% have completed a diploma of some form of education.2

Great Pay Available

Hairdressers in America earn comfortable salaries which are capable of keeping up with the cost of living. In fact there are salons in which you can earn $46,500 or more especially in highly populated cities.3 The scale of pay is indicated by the quality of haircuts you’re giving as if you work in a boutique salon you can have much higher payment. If you work in a cheaper more budget hairdresser salon the haircuts are much easier and the pay is more standard.

Skills Needed For Being A Hairdresser?

To be a hairdresser its important to have a few skills in order to complete the job as best as possible. Some skills like technical cutting skills, creative eye and communication skills are vital components of this job. You should have a creative personality which can help to suit the haircut for each customer so they’re happy with the job. Keeping up with trendy cuts and watching youtube or other videos online to learn how to do these cuts will keep you employed for a long time. Hairdressing is a customer service based industry and your main goal should always be to please the client. Making sure the client is happy will keep them coming back for more work.

Chance For Own Business

Living and working in America presents another great opportunity to those who want to become self employed. Learning how to cut hair or if you’re a hairdresser already once working in America you can begin to gain experience. After some time and getting experience you may be able to begin your own hairdressing shop. Many immigrants in America have been successful in starting their own hairdresser salons or barber stores especially in the last 10 years. Having your own business is a fantastic way to earn a living and you can be proud of the store you’ve created.

How Can I Get A Working Visa?

If you’re successful in getting approved for work through a hairdressing company the USA can offer you a working visa. But first you must receive a working notice of employment and then you can apply for a working visa through the US government websites. Applying to many different hairdressing job applications will boost your chance of landing your dream role. There are many different positions available and once you have the contract in place getting a working Visa is not a difficult process if you have no previous felonies or other charges.

Apply For A Hairdresser Job Today

Hairdressers are an essential part of society and these skills are needed to ensure citizens can feel beautiful with their hairstyles. Apply now for immediate placement in a hairdressing training program or to find available jobs in the USA right now.

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