Research shows that women are more inclined to store bodyfat than men, especially in the hips and thighs.1 Thankfully this new breakthrough technology, a totally non-invasive procedure called CoolSculpting, has hit the scene with a total buzz of raving reviews. It’s easy to find options near you now.

Now its important to be clear, fat deposits on the body are completely normal. But there are some areas, most importantly for women that can be very stubborn no matter what we eat or how much we exercise.

CoolSculpting, or its technical name Cryolipolysis, involves using controlled cooling techniques to damaged fat cells that will just not budge. It’s becoming a popular trend in the medical weight loss industry as liposuction techniques account for 18.8% of all cosmetic surgeries worldwide.2

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So What Exactly Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a chosen brand name for a Cryolipolysis treatment which works at removing stubborn body fat especially in the hips, waist and legs. This method has been approved in 2010 by the FDA and it was discovered as scientists noticed what happened to fat cells in frostbite cases.

The device works by cooling the body fat to a specific temperature that destroys the tissue but leaves your skin and other tissues surrounding completely unharmed. Its become increasing popular in the last few years as its a body contouring procedure that leaves no scars, no need for surgery, no bleeding and no bruising.

The CoolSculpting Procedure

This specific procedure doesn’t use any needles and it isn’t considered surgery at all. The device used by trained professionals places the desired body part between two paddles. These two paddles are quickly cooled and left in place for roughly 30-60 minutes depending on the initial consulting outcome. In this process alone 20-25% of the body fat cells are destroyed and over the next few weeks to months the final result will show up. This is because your immune system has to breakdown the remaining tissue and remove it as waste product in the body.

Who Is CoolSculpting Aimed For?

Now an important thing to realise is this is not a weight loss remedy. This specific procedure is aimed towards people who are having trouble with removing stubborn body fat in their body even after diet and exercise programs. The main sections used in this procedure with great results have been:

– Back and Sides
– Belly and Waistline
– Lower and Upper Thighs
– Under the Chin
– Under The Buttocks and Glute
– Upper Arms

CoolSculpting After Pregnancy?

People come in all shapes and sizes, and 2 in 3 patients who receive this procedure are women. And of those women 75% actually have children too so its a very popular technique for those who have troubles losing the after baby weight. Most of the treatment facilities will actually require a minimum 6 month waiting time after giving birth to consult for this treatment as the body has to naturally heal first.

Are There Any Known Risks Involved?

Most people who receive Cryolipolysis actually can get in their doctors office if they have the right equipment. Its perfectly okay to even drive yourself home after the procedure thats how non-invasive it is. However known common side effects include:

During Procedure: You may feel pulling or tugging on your skin and an intense cold sensation however people don’t complain of pain.

After Procedure: Some patients have noticed a little soreness, as if they have been exercising that area. Some indications of swelling may arise but this will vanish quickly as it is simply blood being brought to the treated area and clearing the waste products.

What To Expect After The Procedure?

According to the FDA clearance study approximately a reduction of 20-25% of body fat cells is expected.3 Now some of the result is noticeable right away after the swelling has gone down, but more effects will be noticed in a 4 week block, 8 week block and full results by week 12. If a secondary procedure is needed then it is usually issued at the 8 week mark. Now here’s the best part you’ve all been waiting for – once those fat cells are destroyed, they’re gone for good!

CoolSculpting Cost?

This treatment varies in price from state to state and practitioner fees too. Its considered a cosmetic treatment so most insurance will not cover this however you may ask your provider if there is any deduction available.

The price of this treatment depends also on the body part you wish to receive treatment as bigger areas will require more work. According to CoolSculpting websites the treatment usually begins at $2000 but innovations in the space are helping to drop this price consistently.

Is CoolSculpting Right For You?

If you’re someone who has been practicing a good healthy exercise and diet program yet still having trouble with stubborn fat this procedure may be right for you. Areas like the upper arm, waistline, thighs and belly are troublesome spots for women and you should not feel ashamed in approaching your doctor or specialist for this treatment. It is much cheaper and permanent then other forms of liposuction. To find ready specialists near you complete this simple online search.

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