We now take more photos and videos than ever before and we love to share it too. But modern phones come with one problem – small storage! Cloud storage provides convenient access no matter where we are in the world. These are the most popular cloud storage searches with senior discounts available now.

Its an all too common feeling, you pull out your phone to snap a spontaneous photo… but then bombarded with an error message because there is no space for the picture. Running out of room on your cell phone can be a real disaster in the moment, but thankfully it’s totally avoidable.

Introducing Cloud Storage

Photos and videos take up a large chunk of data in the space available on your device, so it’s good practice to get these files offloaded to the cloud storage early. The good news is that plenty of apps are available to do this for you automatically. The not so good side is that if you have too many images, some apps can charge you for the needed space.

Iphone or Android?

Depending on your cell phone there are different options of cloud storage available. For Android phones it’s easy to move your photos and videos to Google Drive. A complete installation of Google Docs is free and provides instant storage of photos and videos. You can also create a folder for each photo or video with it’s own name which you can access from any modern web browser. For the more laid back, there is Dropbox as well as Skydrive which gives you extra space to store your files as opposed to sending them across the internet.

Advantages of Cloud Storage

Simple To Use: Simply open the app and choose the file you want to move to the cloud! Seriously its that easy with most applications offering auto upload capabilities after you have created an account.

Zero Cables: We did say its in the cloud right? Yep, that involves no cables or nothing just an internet connection and you can have automatic access to a huge storage database outside of your phones capacity.

5GB Free With iCloud: For iPhone users there is good news because if you decide to use iCloud as a service you can receive up to 5GB free of cloud storage.1

Convenient Sharing: Depending on the app, you can share your photos or videos with friends and family with just a few clicks.

Disaster Recovery: If you manage to lose your phone and did not have a relevant backup saved on your laptop then the cloud can be your new best friend. Setting to automatically update your phones back up to the cloud can safeguard any worries about losing your data if anything was to happen to the cell phone.

Disadvantages of Cloud Storage

High Cost For Some Apps: For some, there is an initial set up cost for using Cloud Storage as some applications can require monthly fees.

Security Breaches: For others, they don’t like storing their files on a central system like Google Drive or Dropbox as there is a security risk involved if the cloud storage was compromised.

The Best Cloud Storage Apps Of 2021


Offering one of the most robust services on the planet Sync.com goes the extra effort to protect your data.2 On sign up like iCloud you can receive 5GB of free storage or there is a cheap pricing tier of $8 a month for 2TB of storage! Being a Canadian company it falls under a different jurisdiction then American based companies which can help to protect your data further.


At roughly $50 annually for 5TB of data storage IDrive is quite a bargain when it comes to carefree data storage.3 IDrive has a built in safety with backing up your data so even if you accidentally delete something they will have it on storage. They can even offer to send you the data back in physical format storage! Just like the other companies listed there is an option of a free 5GB of storage when you sign up to be a user.


A more unique experience to cloud storage this company offers a brilliantly designed interface. Creating a “Virtual PC” this management system for your cell phones data is like logging into a normal computer and you can search for files with ease. $4.99 a month will give you access to 1TB of data or a free plan can receive 10GB of cloud storage data.4

What Features Should You Look For In Cloud Storage Apps?

Two Factor Authentication: Most cloud storage apps will provide to scan your identity code when logging in. This may make you uneasy but are usually very secure especially with modern day applications. Two factor authentication is a secure way to make sure only you have access to logging in and keeping potential security threats out.

Encryption: When it comes to protecting data the use of encryption is vital. We suggest AES 256-bit encryption or higher.

Automatic Backups: Automatic Backups are a must for any smartphone user. A good application will allow you to instigate a time for backing up your files and store it on the cloud immediately.

Multiple Platforms: Providing their product to work on multiple platforms is essential to be considered as a lasting storage option.

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