You’ve probably felt the first rough waves of summer heat, and know that it’s only a matter of time before it descends on you in full force. But you don’t want to miss out on all the fun just because it feels like a sauna outside. So here are some tips for staying cool when summertime humidity makes getting out of bed feel like climbing Mount Everest.

Global warming is the cause for an increase in summer heat waves. Which means that not only are temperatures rising, but in general there’s more and more variation from year-to-year. The average American spends about $1,000 a year on cooling their homes but using some different tips you can put a bit more savings into your wallet.

1. Install a Ceiling Fan

Depending on the size of your room, you can install a fan that will make a significant difference in how much cooler your home is. Air circulates throughout the house and cools down each room. Ceiling fans are a good energy efficient solution, and help provide a breeze to everyone in the home.

Installing a ceiling fan is a smart decision as the average American spends about $1,000 annually on air conditioning. Ceiling fans can reduce the energy use in your home by 30-50%!

2. Replace your Air Conditioner Filter

If you have an air conditioner then you really should have a clean air filter. Dirty filters restrict airflow and make your air conditioner work harder to cool the house. The extra strain on your unit can shorten its lifespan and increase energy consumption.

You can estimate how long it has been since you changed the filter by looking at the manufacturer’s information label inside or near your unit. This information will tell you how often to replace the filter and clean it. Air filters will need to be replaced periodically. To make sure your cooling system is working efficiently, replace your air filter once every 5-6 months. Be sure to check the manual for instructions on changing the filter.

3. Keep Doors and Windows Closed

When it’s hot outside, people tend to keep their doors and windows open to let in some fresh air. But this can be a bad idea as letting the heat in can cause your house to be 10-15% hotter inside than it would normally. By keeping your doors and windows closed, you will reduce the chance of overheating and save on cooling costs. 4. Use Fans

4. Keep Your Room Cool with Green Plants

Keeping your room cool with plants is a natural way to keep your house cool. Most people think of plants as giving off heat, but there are many types that give off cool air. One example is the snake plant, which gives off plenty of fresh oxygen and purifies the air by absorbing things like formaldehyde and other chemicals from the air. It also removes moisture from the air in humid climates.

You can also put a pot on top of your radiator to create fresh, cooling currents at night when you need it most or fill a small container with rocks and water and place it somewhere near your window so that it will overheat during the day but keep you cooler at night too!
Each individual plant may not produce much cooling.

Quick Tips for keeping indoor plants healthy in summer:

  • Reduce or stop watering your plants in the summer.
  • Invert the pot so that your plant’s roots are exposed to air and not sitting in water, which can rot them.
  • Keep plants in a shadier area so that they don’t bake under direct sunlight all day long and use sprays or small misting systems to keep foliage hydrated when it’s especially hot outside.
  • Consider high-humidity plants like silk flower arrangements instead of live flowers, as they need less water to stay fresh looking than living flowers do!

5. Cold Showers

Did you know even splashing cold water on your forehead can signal your body to cool down? Jumping in the cold shower for 30 seconds at first and slowly adding each day can make it much easier to handle.

Taking cold showers is a form of “cryotherapy” which has been shown to stimulate metabolism, increase energy and reduce stress. You would have to shower for 4-5 minutes in order for this treatment to be effective. Shorter showers will not produce the same effects but will still cool you down dramatically. In addition, it’s important not to get out of the shower too quickly or you’ll feel like you’re suffocating from a lack of air and oxygen.

With these tips we hope you can keep your home cool and comfortable all summer long!