Travel is finally back and what better way to explore the world than flying in style. Business Class airfares are now being offered at rates never seen before to fill out capacities of aeroplanes. If you’re ready to jump on a deal of a lifetime try a simple online search to reveal the best prices available now.

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Business Class On Offer For Everyone

Business class offers a lot more comfort than economy class tickets on a plane. The seats are not only bigger but the legroom is in the range of 70-80 inches depending on which service you fly with. With 1 on 1 flight staff experiences the catering options towards business class make flying a breeze.

Fly Business Class For Up To 75% Off

Business class is usually valued at 2-5X more than economy class.1 Airline services make their money from booking out entire flights and there is little room for error in their profit margin. It makes more sense for an airline to fill out every seat available but often business class is left with spare seats. To help shift the weight of the plane evenly this space is generally required to be filled out and you can snap up insane bargains when you know how to hunt the deals. We’re talking up to 75% off normal business class pricing.

Benefits Of Business Class Flying

  • More Privacy & More Space – Large seats are always preferable when you want a good night’s sleep or to lay back and watch a movie.
  • Yummy meals – Champagne and caviar are usually excluded from airline meals but this is one area where business class passengers can make sure they get their fill.
  • Reduced Travel Stress – Easy priority boarding and exiting flights makes keeping up with a time schedule a breeze.
  • More Entertainment – Be part of a club in business class that gets to sample the best alcoholic beverages on offer and access to all on board movie and TV entertainment.
  • More Personalized Services – Airline staffs are always ready to go out of their way for their passengers, who normally pay higher rates than the general public. This means you get to enjoy more services without spending additional cash.
  • VIP Airport Lounge Access – Access to airport lounges makes boarding a plane before general boarding opens up a breeze and you can also enjoy free drinks and food at these exclusive lounges.

4 Tips For Scoring Cheap Business Class Airfares

1. Time Your Purchase – The big international airlines will often release tickets in the beginning at higher rates. As the date to embarking on the flight gets closer they will begin to drop pricing to fill up seats. If you’re flying from the USA to a region like Europe or South East Asia timing your flight can save you huge bucks. Airlines want to sell all the tickets on the plane so if you spot a flight with a few weeks remaining with open business class seats you can strike for a good deal.

2. Use An Agent – There are multiple companies that offer business class airfare deals when they’re alerted by airline services. These companies have priority access to business class airfare distributions and even with their small fees you can save huge.

3. Split Your Ticket – If you have multiple legs in your journey you can save a lot of money simply by booking each flight separately. Using cheaper countries destinations as a way to split up your journey and spot cheap business class flights is a great hack for travellers wanting the business class experience.

4. Use Frequent Flyer Points – If you’re using a credit card with a points reward system or gathered frequent flyer points you can use them in conjunction with cash for a deal. There are instances when you can literally get business class airfares for under $250 of your own money when using rewards points as well.

Popular Business Class Destinations

  • Bangkok – This amazing city is the gateway to a host of business travel destinations in Asia.
  • Singapore – This great city is the financial hub of the entire region and provides an excellent gateway to South East Asia.
  • Hong Kong – This multicultural metropolis is one of the most interesting cities in the world.
  • Sydney – The gateway to Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.
  • London – Europe’s gateway to the world.

Get Your Business Class Flight At 75% Off Now

If you’ve never tried flying business class now is your time to get a taste of luxury. You will be amazed at how much more relaxed travelling becomes when you have your own space and access to all the perks airlines offer for this premium service. Using a simple online search you can reveal the best prices available now for business class airfares for your favorite destinations.

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