Over the last decade the cleaning industry in America has continued to grow at a total of 6.6% every year.1 Housekeeping jobs offer a stable form of employment for many people and with hourly rates of $17.57 can help to tidy finances.2 Currently there is high demand for hotel chains and homeowners looking to hire international workers for housekeeping jobs in America. To see what is available today take a simple search online now.

housekeeping jobs in america

10 Reasons To Choose Housekeeping In America

Stable Working Hours – Housekeeping jobs offer a stable form of employment for many people. There is high demand for cleaners and housekeepers across all American cities especially in New York and Boston.

Meet New People – As a housekeeper you will get the chance to meet new people in every location you go. Every experience is different within the cleaning industry and there are many skills to learn and people to meet.

Active Employment – Housekeeping is a great job because it helps you keep up the daily movement and exercise which is not common for sedentary desk jobs. Some people love the aspect of moving around daily and getting their exercise in while they’re paid for it.

Organic Cleaning – Many industry leading companies now offer organic cleaning services which focus solely on biodegradable products. This helps to keep the employees health number one without having to breathe in harmful chemicals like the older days of cleaning.

Visit America – Many people choose to travel and work their way around America as a housekeeper. You will get the chance to see the beautiful American cities and you’ll have time to visit some of the amazing historical places America has available like Disneyland!

Educational Opportunities – There are many educational opportunities within the cleaning industry that can be learned by apprenticeships with professional cleaning services. Plus being a housekeeper there is always room for promotions into management positions or even becoming your own business owner through a franchise.

Job Growth – The job market for housekeepers is expected to grow 6.6% each year. With an increase of tourists coming into United States it is likely that the demand for hotel cleaning will grow as well as the pandemic begins to ease and society goes back to normal.

Visa Opportunity – Getting a Visa to live in the USA is simple with housekeeping jobs. Both the US and UK require a passport and the visa process is simple. The whole process from getting picked up with the cleaning service to the stay can be done in a day making traveling with a cleaning service easy!

All Genders and Ethnicities – There are many housekeeping jobs that are open to men and women, from a young professional to the elderly. There is a housekeeping job for every client wish. If you want to work in the cleaning industry there are many franchises available from which you can choose from.

Financial Opportunities – As you become a housekeeper in America you’ll be able to see your salary grow every year. When you start out you will make $17.57 an hour but as you move up through the company or to a different company you can make over $40 an hour.

What Skills Does A Housekeeper Need?

  • Punctual Work Ethic – It’s vital to turn up to the job on time and to be ready for work. You’ll need to be able to follow instructions and take direction easily.
  • Communication – There is always going to be something that you need to talk about as a housekeeper and it’s vital that you are effective in speaking about it. Many of the staff and clients would rather talk to somebody that has effective communication skills rather than somebody that struggles with it
  • Patience – A housekeeper needs to be very patient and calm. You will be dealing with many different types of people every day and you need to deal with everyone in a professional manner.
  • Flexible – There are many different aspects to cleaning daily and it’s vital that you can deal with the ever changing workloads. This can make being a housekeeper very difficult and exhausting.

How To Apply For Housekeeping Jobs In America

In order to get your foot in the door for this industry it’s important that you are able to perform well right from the beginning. You will need to be on time and ready with all that you need for the job. It’s essential to take direction well which means you will need to be able to communicate effectively. As you move through the cleaning industry you’ll be able to learn about different companies and the processes involved. It’s essential that you only apply for jobs that are suited to your skills and your willingness to get out into the wider world.

These Housekeeping Jobs Are Hiring Now

If you’re ready for a new adventure and want to learn more about housekeeping jobs in America than now is the best time. With travel reopening to America and tourists making way for travel hotel chains and homeowners have high demand for cleaners and housekeepers. To find what jobs are hiring right now you can search online.


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