Due to the ongoing global situation, employers in the US are paying top dollar for data entry work from home jobs. There has never been a bigger opportunity to make a well paid steady income – just from your home. The best time to sign up is now.

It’s not always easy to find a job. All the more so with the way our economy is changing. Every day, more and more people are turning to online work for stability. Thanks to the internet, you no longer need a 4-year degree to land high-paying jobs. In fact, 59 million Americans made $1.2 trillion from online work in 2020 alone—and citizens all over the world are also getting into it1. The wave of the future is online work.

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A Huge Trend In Work From Home Jobs

The popularity of online job platforms is on the rise and every new day brings more and more people to companies hiring now. With technology continuing to develop at blazing speeds it continues to weave its way into our everyday working lives. Now business owners have huge demand for employing people for work from home jobs to cut overhead costs and increase their work force. With flexible working hours available its become a trendy occupation to work online and one of the biggest roles is data entry jobs.

What Is Data Entry?

Data entry is essentially a broad term that covers many different occupations so the work is neither boring or limited. Such occupations as transcribers, typists, coders, administration, excel sheets, word processors and office roles are considered data entry. Very simple tasks that people can learn and complete without prior university education. Some voice activated data entry jobs are now becoming popular too which involves speaking and recording into a microphone as it transcribes and logs into data sheets.

What Skills Are Required?

The best thing about work from home data entry jobs is that they require very minimal skills so literally anyone can complete the roles. Here are some basic skillsets that may help to land your perfect data entry job.

IT Skills: A basic understanding of computers and how to use one.

Fast Typing: Those with faster typing abilities can be favored for roles but luckily there are many guides available online to help boost typing skills.

Organizational Skills: Paying close attention to your own working schedule and sticking to a good routine is a great skill to get as many jobs completed daily.

Work Ethic: If you can work hard and enjoy work place community.

Top Benefits Of Data Entry Jobs

Pay Per Entry: Some data entry jobs offer a unique payment platform that involves being paid per entry. If you have a fast typing speed and are able to accurately type information from different sheets into excel or whatever task is on hand you could be rapidly increase your earning potential. Without limit on what you can earn in a day it can be very lucrative to those who have experience typing already.

Flexible Working Hours: Most employers will be happy as long as the deadlines for each assignment are completed. You’re not set to work strict hours and if you prefer to work in the morning, or the afternoon or even at night time for the night owls out there this flexible schedule is very beneficial. You can also choose to take on more jobs at some times when you’re less busy but if you have family or life commitments you can work less and still hold your job!

Low Stress Environment: Data entry roles are suitable for those who enjoy a less stress working role. The tasks required for this job are straightforward and easy to complete for most workers.

Work From Home: Did we say you can work in your pyjamas? Thats right! Work from home has many advantages including no commuting to work and saving on car and fuel expenses to being able to cook your lunch at home. Most data entry roles will involve receiving an email or web link each day with a set of tasks to complete. Since you’re working from home you can actually have multiple employers at the same time to boost earning potential even more.

Improve Skills: Working with online employers from around the globe including the USA and Canada comes with tremendous skill benefits. Increasing your vocabulary, computer skills, networking skills, number and literacy skills can help for further employment in the future.

Earning Potential Of Data Entry Roles

The earning potential of data entry roles differs from company to company and the task required. However even basic tasks like entering customer and account information into programs like Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel can pay very comfortably. The average monthly income of US companies data entry roles is roughly $3,464 a month according to Ziprecruiter.2

Land Your Perfect Data Entry Role Today

If you have the skillsets required to be a conscientious worker there are numerous employers waiting to hire right now. Fast typists, strong organisers, happy and positive community workers are recommended to enrol into these roles. To find what is available in your location a simple online search can open the doors to data entry work from home jobs now!

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