If you’re thinking about a career change there are plenty of reasons to make the jump in 2022. When it comes to job searching it really pays to get moving on it earlier than later. Not satisfied with the work you do or feel your salary is low are common reasons for people changing careers. The new year is just beginning and recruiters are beginning to start the hiring process for available roles.

new career in 2022

Don’t Leave It Too Late

Postponing your job search for too long can lead to missing out on amazing opportunities available in the new year. Hiring trends slow down at the end of the year while everyone is on holidays but they quickly fire up in January. Thats why if you’re thinking of a new career now is the best time to take the plunge. Recruiters from all industries are getting ready to interview and hire new employees for exciting roles.

How To Search For The Best Jobs?

Not really sure what sort of career path you want to change to? Don’t worry this is a common theme for so many as nerves can be high picking a new type of job. Some people feel like searching for a new job may be time consuming but some tips and tricks can help identify engaging, passionate and high paying roles. The first thing you want to do is list down what your ideal job would entail. Do you prefer work from home or flexible hours? All these factors contribute to narrowing down where to look for a job that suits you best.

Clean Up Your Resume

Before submitting to any available jobs you should have an updated resume to the current date. When writing a resume its important to cover all prior education, employment roles, skillsets you have, your personal best attributes and how you can benefit a team or organisation. It can seem daunting at first but everyone has skills whether it be analytical thinking, communication, organising, creative or design skills and work ethic etc. Adding a cover letter which is adapted to the job and employer you wish to work for is a super tip for standing out of the crowd.

Top Fields Of Employment In 2022


Its quite obvious that the field of healthcare is undergoing huge changes since the impact of a global pandemic. There has been a significant shortage of nurses for years now and government initiatives state they will need 500,000 more registered nurses by 2027.1

Supply Chain Management

Another deeply impacted industry screaming for employment is the supply chain and transport field. Jobs in this field include logistics analyst, distribution manager, delivery or truck drivers and warehouse managers. There is plenty of high paying roles in this field and not all require former education like bachelors degrees. If you’re skilled with managing, numbers, analytical or simply love how systems work it could be a great fit for a new career.

Financial Management

All companies from small to big require management of money as it is a key backbone to a successful business. Financial managers help to keep track of an organisations incoming and spending and create an overview for cashflow and projected finances. Creating financial reports with tools like Excel spreadsheets they can help to steer an organisations future profits. This industry is projected to be one of the biggest growing fields as companies learn to better manage their money with easy to use tools. This type of work normally requires some education.

Physical Therapist

Helping people with injuries or illnesses is a passionate form of employment many people enjoy. Techniques like stretching, body manipulation, massage and other exercises help to get patients back into a better functioning manner. Physical therapists tend to work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or even private offices as freelance workers. Requiring initial education of a certificate or bachelors degree physical therapists can earn upwards or $88,236!2

Web Development & Design

The internet and technology space is continuously developing at high rates and is an exciting form of employment. There are many different roles in this space like junior web designers which actually don’t require any former education if you have a basic skill in coding. Learning how to code websites in HTML or CSS is a simple coding skill that can be learned even on YouTube. This is a role which requires working in front of a computer and usually under a team of senior web developers who help to manage applications or websites for a company.

Find Your New Career In 2022

To kickstart your new life and jump into a career that is more aligned with your passions and skills now is the best time. With recruiters getting back into action just after the holidays you can be first in the line with a well prepared resume. There are exciting new and existing roles available in 2022 as we navigate into a more digital economy. To help identify trends of employment and learn about different industries a job search can reveal amazing opportunities available right now!