With the borders opening, Canada is now offering international students the chance to study abroad and get a degree for cheap. You can get started now.

When it comes to MBA’s few are globally recognised as high as Canadian taught programs. If you have an internet connection and fancy bolstering your business skillset to drastically improve earnings ability check out these courses.

The Master of Business Administration is the golden standard of business degree. I’s impact on graduate prospects and professional status is substantial, resulting in dramatic boosts in salary. According to a 2021 GMAC report, starting salaries for MBA graduates in 2021 averaged a whopping $115,000!1 That is 77% higher then the average salary for a traditional bachelors degree of other fields. Not only that but 91% of recruiters plan to hire MBA’s going forward!

Getting An Online MBA In Canada

Pursuing an online MBA accredited from Canada will give you a competitive advantage over the majority of international candidates. Online courses grant a combination of interactive coursework, networking opportunities in active communities and online classes catered towards collaborative efforts. The world today allows a simple internet connection to hook us into top tier education leading students on the path to great employment opportunities or forming own business practices.

MBA Significantly Enhances Career Advancement

With many advantages including increase in salary, wide range of financial skillsets, enhanced networking opportunities and career advancement online MBA’s are very popular. Prominently in roles like investment banking, finance, accounting and marketing firms an MBA can quickly lead to senior roles. Balancing full time work and study is difficult for most traditional education students but online MBA’s are the perfect solution.

Students Rejoice In Flexibility

Online MBA Courses come with flexible options of study which allows easier management for current work duties and social life. People with full time jobs can still handle the education requirements on path to boost their career with an MBA degree. Lectures are often recorded allowing to be watched at a later time with only examinations requiring structured time slots.

World Class Education Quality

Canada has long been crowned one of the commerce kings of the world with global programs for ambitious students. The preconceived myth that an online education is not the same as a traditional on campus study is simply not true. The technological revolution is making education more accessible than ever before and students around the world are cashing in on lucrative skillsets available from online MBA’s. The same professors will teach curriculum available on campus and there is no discrimination between a degree earned online or on university grounds.

Online MBA Course Curriculum

With a wide range of topics and ability to add on modules there is a number of options to tailor a degree to your professional outcome. Such pathways include:

– Entrepreneurship
– Finance and Banking
– International Affairs
– Government Roles
– Global Business Strategy
– Project Management
– Communication and Networking Skills
– Accounting and Bookkeeping
– Marketing

Surround Yourself With Networking Opportunities

With universities heavily shifting emphases to online education customized platforms have been created. This allows online degree students to entrench themselves in a learning environment that is very interactive. The introduction of career fairs, meet class members, Zoom discussions and many other online events helps to connect you with like minded individuals.

Affordable For Everyone, Literally!

One of the major benefits to an online MBA in Canada is the affordability factor. With other nations requiring large tuition fees Canada offers similar courses with rock bottom education prices subsidised by government and other initiatives. Online courses dramatically cut costs with savings on rent, food and travel.

Canada Boasts 6 Of The Top 100 MBA Programs2

# 45 – University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management
# 59 – McGill University, Desautels Faculty of Management
# 66 – Queen’s University, Smith School of Business
# 69 – Western University, Ivey Business School
# 88 – York University, Schulich School of Business
# 94 – University of British Columbia, Sauder School of Business

Is A Canadian Online Masters of Business Administration Right For You?

Remote education with flexible learning practices is the future of the workplace and an online MBA is the perfect fit to this culture. With rising standards amongst business and competitive employment spaces standing out from other candidates has never been so paramount. Applying a wide range of skillsets learned in such online courses will help you to distinguish your role in a moving digital economy.

If you’re looking to raise your salary potential and sharpen your skills in the financial landscape then these courses are ready for enrolment in 2022.

Get a Online MBA From Canada


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