For those young and eager to get a college degree the expenses can be crushing. But if you’re over 50 colleges around the nation are seeing new opportunity in seniors – and you may just be eligible for the same education for free!

Want to increase your income, improve your computer skills or even learn a new language? You can find free and low-cost college courses catered for seniors online now.

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Seniors Rejoice In Free & Discounted Education

People are living longer then ever before and in doing so keeping better health. Colleges have scouted opportunity in the wise “seniors” group looking to increase their education and skillsets. In 2021 there is now college education available in almost all states of the USA, geared towards bettering overall classroom environments.1 Online courses are favored by seniors and allow connection to professors in private classes.

Why The Senior Education Movement?

A growing demand from senior citizens is continued education. We know that one of the keys to longevity and avoiding brain related illness is keeping the mind active. Being stuck at home for a lot of time, more seniors are getting back into not only real classes but virtual classrooms and engaging in advanced education.

Education Based Retirement Communities

Some retirement communities like Oak Hammock have connections to universities which is a growing trend in the USA2. With less then 100 of these communities in the nation, they’re becoming popular choices for seniors. The college-educated babyboomer generation is beginning to retire and they’re looking to keep their minds sharp.

Such schools as Oberlin, Stanford, Notre Dame, Cornell, University of Texas and Davis are beginning to create such ties. Aiming to continue the education of the American population and defend against declining mental health. Many seniors are finding this a fantastic retirement choice as it keeps social interactions high. Residents can take courses on virtually any topic of interest, hang out with top professors and achieve world wide recognized degrees.

Social Interactions A Key For Seniors Wellbeing

The need for social interaction is a key for seniors’ well being. Lowered mental health is a effect of not having enough social interaction. Most retirees would rather be interacting with other adults which helps their mental health and brain function to continue to be active. Classrooms allow for even more social interactions and allows the seniors to continue their dream of learning further.

Online Courses Available Now

If you don’t mind less face time with professors, get on the internet and join a massive open online course. There are top level universities offering these type of online courses for free or discounted rates to seniors. Some of these courses can attract 1000’s of students making it easily accessible information. Typically it begins by watching a professors lecture and a basic question and answer segment. After this an online discussion can begin with other students. You can choose to be in senior environments or mixed age groups. Quizzes and exams will follow and you will need to use online tools like Facebook and Google.

Senior Scholarships

For higher demand courses and advance level accreditation some colleges offer scholarships to those over 50. It’s worth looking on the internet at your state or cities universities and colleges and seeing in the fine print for potential savings.

Senior Education To Hedge Against Rising Retirement Costs

Seniors are using education as a way to hedge against rising retirement costs. In a world where many Americans do not have enough in savings it’s only logical to get something for nothing! Scholarships and discounts can be found for seniors who know how to look for them. It’s a way to stand out from the crowd and build a resume you’re proud to present. Improving your education offers employment opportunity and increased pay cheques.


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