Did you know that 40% of building issues are caused by water leakage?1 Homeowners can protect their greatest asset and increase the value of their home significantly by restoring their roof. To view the best deals and discounts on all roof restorations by quality tradesmen in your locality try an online search.

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Restored Roofs Add Massive Value To Appraisals

For homeowners with a property there is an easy solution to boost the value of your asset. Restoring the roof is not only a visual enhancement on your home but structurally protects it from the elements of nature. The roof is a crucial part of the integrity of your homes foundation and it reflects strongly in the properties price.

How A Roof Restoration Benefits Your Home?

Improves Aesthetics – When a person first views your home the roof is clearly a large initial representation of your home. If there is broken tiles, heavy moss, discoloration of tiles and dropping gutters the potential buyer may already be viewing it as a renovation job. By restoring your roof you’re potentially putting 4-5x the cost of the roof repair into the homes value.

Energy Preserving – In todays day and age there is a big emphasis on making sure our homes are energy efficient. With prices of electricity on the rise and climate change being an issue having a sturdy roof with no leaks helps to dramatically cut energy costs.

Longevity & Warranty – By restoring the roof of your property you’re adding to the longevity of your home even if you do not wish to sell it. Many quality tradesmen will put warranties of 10 to 20 years for many of the products they use on the roof. From sealing cements and quality paints these products have been created to last decades under the sun, rain and snow.

Popular Types Of Roof Restorations

Resealing – This type of roof repair is a more basic approach and involves sealing down the capping tiles with flexible cement mixtures. If your home is over 15 years old the cement on the roof might be beginning to give way. There are many modern products which use flexible cement technology that endures the movement of the roof as it changes from Summer to Winter.

Pressure Washing – If your roof is covered in moss like growth and doesn’t suit the picture of your property then a pressure wash is effective. One of the more lower price restoration methods using a pressure washer to hose off the grime of the tiles. After this process is completed the tiles or metal roofing underneath can look entirely brand new.

Recoloring – Often homeowners who undertake a resealing job will also opt to have their roof repainted. There is a huge amount of colors to choose from Slate grey, sienna red, charcoal and dark brown. Painting your roof dramatically changes the entire property as a fresh paint job looks magnificent on existing homes.

Valley Restoring – The valleys of your home help to guide water down into the gutters and sometimes become rusted and deteriorated. When water leaks into your home it can cause damage slowly over time leading to very expensive fixes down the line.

Metal Roofing – Metal roofs are a great option for those who want a more modern look with the added benefit of being energy efficient. It has the advantage of being maintenance free and is much easier to clean than tile roofs.

Guttering – Adding new gutters to your home is an effective way to restore the beauty of your home without breaking the bank.

Maintenance Is More Affordable Then Replacing

Keep in mind that restoring and repairing your roof is a dramatically cost effective method compared to entirely replacing your roof. Maintenance is a key aspect to making sure your home is protected for decades to come. Many homeowners become negligent to the effects of rain and sun over many years on their property. A poorly maintained roof can easily create cracks and passageways for water to seep inside the property. The stories of homeowners spending $100,000+ on total damage replacements are heartbreaking.

How Much Does A Roof Repair Cost?

Well depending on what you need done is the biggest question of all as a pressure wash job may only cost $500 and a day of work. Such jobs as a resealing and recoloring job may cost more but receiving quotes from quality tradesmen is important to the process.

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If you’re looking to increase the value of your property or simply maintain it from damages there are many professionals near you. To view discounts available and current deals from leading roof restoration tradesmen try a simple online search.

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