Travel restrictions are finally lifting and universities in Germany are now open to international students for 2022 and beyond. Studying abroad is considered an experience of a lifetime to improve many life skills. Right now Germany is offering Masters Degree Scholarships to international students. Spots are limited so the best time to search and apply is now.

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Why Study In Germany?

The high international rankings of German universities, free tuition and relatively low cost of living make Germany the most popular destination for studying in Europe. In fact just before the global pandemic Germany peaked at 400,000 international students in its higher education institutions.1 Germany also has more top ranked universities than any country except the UK or USA.

Courses Offered In English

Being a European country one of the major benefits of universities in Germany is the majority of people understand english. German universities offer a broad range of courses taught in English, with many university institutes offering two- and three-year graduate programs leading into Masters programs. There is of course the opportunity to learn German or simply improve your English further while studying in this country.

Low Cost Of Living For Students

The cost of living in Germany is low compared to neighboring countries. This can make the journey worth it for international students such as those from developing and middle-income nations who could be paying large amounts of expenses in other developed nations.

World Leading Facilities And Technology

The German higher education system has a long tradition of excellence, with many Nobel Prize laureates on the staffs of its universities. More than half of all public research funding in Germany goes to the country’s universities and higher education institutions. In Germany there is a strong focus on research, with most professors being involved in one form or another. This enables students to have access to leading technology to develop their skills and continue their education with hands on environment.

Possibility To Work Whilst Studying

In Germany there is a wide range of options for students to gain employment while studying. They can take part in internships, research or volunteer work. This is an ideal opportunity for students to gain valuable work experience and make sure they graduate with the right skills and knowledge to start their career. Earning some income while you study is an amazing opportunity with some Visa’s allowing certain working hours.

No Age Limits For Masters Degrees

In Germany any person over the age of 18 can apply for a masters degree however there is other requirements such as duration of study and working in a field. This allows people to start an education at an age when they are less susceptible to institutional biases against older students as well as having time to develop the necessary skills before starting a masters program.

Master’s Degree Scholarships

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is offering scholarships to international students who want to study in Germany. The DAAD provides financial aid for international students from all over the world. They cover the full cost of tuition fees, semester contributions, health insurance and more. Applicants are allowed to apply for a number of different programs each year.

Most Popular Masters Degrees In Germany

Masters in Data Science – This course trains students to work with large data sets. Students can expect to develop and build computer systems that use data mining, statistics and more complex tests like machine learning.

Masters in International Management – This program trains students to work in various industries. Most commonly the masters of international management is completed by people who want to find a job in business, tourism or trading.

Masters in Business Administration – Linking business and technology is a hot career path right now. This masters degree program attracts people to pursue a career in business with classes such as corporate governance, marketing and communication, operations management and more.

Masters in Civil Engineering – This course is designed to train students in all the different aspects of the civil engineering profession. People who want to work as civil engineers can typically pursue this kind of career immediately following completing their masters degree from a German university.

Masters in Finance – With a German degree in finance there are many opportunities for finding employment throughout Europe. Some of these include banking and financial services, working as advisors and more.

Executive Master of Management – This MBA program is designed to train students in the management of business and work in sectors such as e-commerce, IT, logistics and more.

Masters in Marketing & Sales – This specialization provides students with a unique opportunity to combine academic research with marketing. Graduates will have the tools to design and implement marketing strategies for various enterprises.

Masters in International Business – The MIB program prepares graduates for life after university by teaching them from an international perspective.

How To Get A Visa?

For those who are not EU citizens applying for a visa to study in Germany is easy and simple. Nationals from selected countries are able to obtain a residence permit upon arrival if approved.

Apply For A Masters Degree Scholarship Now

If you’re ready to start the education adventure of a lifetime there has never been a better time to apply for scholarships in Germany. Top universities are opening their doors to international students to boost travel economies. Find out the best courses available to you with a simple online search.

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