Did you know in the last year alone new US homes have already risen 13.5%?1 To view the best real estate opportunities and how overseas investors can gain easy access try an online search.

real estate investing for foreigners

The American Real Estate Market Moves Quickly

The average person on Earth understands that the two major economies right now are the USA and China. China is much more difficult to gain access into from overseas however new technology and companies have made it accessible to everyone for American real estate. The US real estate market is still rising and opportunity exists for a quick profit. Houses in January 2022 were only on the market for an average of 38 days.2 That means that there are many opportunities for new buyers to get in the market and make a healthy profit within a year alone.

The Internet Is Where The Opportunity Exists

The traditional method of viewing and buying real estate through a real estate agent is beginning to shift. Just like other industries in the world real estate too is beginning to move to technology based market. 43% of real estate buyers in America search online first and only 18% contacted a real estate agent.3 This shows how it doesn’t matter if you’re not in the country there is still many opportunities for positive investment growth.

What About Loans And Lenders?

To get access to financing in America the process can be resolved with the correct documentation. Now it is much easier to open a bank account in person in America but there is still options for those who are not in the USA. To get access to a bank account in America you will need to have at least two of the following. A government ID (a passport or driver’s license) and the other can be something from a finance institution in your home country, like a Credit Card, Debit Card or rental agreement. If you’re still unable to open a US bank account you can still operate from your own countries banking system. The only issue that will arise from this is having a competitive currency exchange rate so you can transfer to USD at a cheap rate.

The Epic Rise Of REITs For Foreigners

REIT’s or better known as “Real Estate Investment Trusts” are a strong option for diversifying your portfolio. They actually originated in the USA and offer a way for simple access to global real estate markets including America. REITs essentially are a fund that has a collection of real estate properties that you can buy into and receive a share of the profits. These funds are often owned by top performing finance companies so the hard work of finding the profitable real estate is done for you. You simply just have to invest in the REIT and overtime receive your portion of profit as the assets begin to rise.

The Best REIT’s Available Now

If you’re finding it difficult to open a bank account in America you can begin to access REIT’s immediately. There are multiple great performing options right now including WisdomTree International Real Estate (DRW), iShares S&P Dev ex-US Property (WPS), SPDR Dow Jones International Real Estate (RWX) and the SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate (RWO). They’re publicly traded funds on the stock exchange and have an incredible amount of money and investment power already.

Are There Any Disadvantages To Real Estate In America?

One of the main disadvantages to American real estate is it has a higher competition. Sometimes it can be harder to access private property on your own deal unless you have a bank account in America. Land rights and taxation can be tricky when going out on your own this is why starting with REIT’s can help to offset potential risk when beginning. Doing your due diligence before investing in anything is crucial and being patient for returns is paramount.

Shop Around For Competitive Rates

Before just settling on your first conversation its important to shop around different bank rates and loans. There are many different banks and lenders in America each offering their own loan structures which can help to increase your profit over time. Breaking down the cost of each over the lifetime of the loan will help to understand if you’re projected to make a profit.

Find Your Profitable USA Investment Opportunity Now

America has an incredible investment opportunity arising as it continues to build and expand its economy. New housing estates and developments are popping up all over the country and investors are making tremendous gains. To view the latest real estate investment opportunities for foreigners try an online search.


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